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Phyto and Herbal Therapy

Phyto And Herbal Therapy At The Budwig Center

Phyto and Herbal therapy have tremendous benefits. Where does the term phytotherapy come from? This word associates two Greek roots, “phytos” meaning plant and “therapeia” meaning care.

There is the temptation to generalize and refer to ‘phytomedicine’ as herbal medicine; however, there is a definite distinction between these two.

Phytotherapy and herbal medicine are both sourced from plants. While the use of herbs for healing has a long history from all around the globe, phytotherapy is a modern scientific discipline. Once scientists have fractioned a specific plant and had the preparation undergo clinical trials and rigorous biomedical studies, that plant is now established within scientific medicine. It is no longer referred to as just herbal medicine.

Research has determined which plant extract is best designed to contribute to different vital functions of the human being. When there are deficiencies of these essential plant nutrients, this can create imbalances and even diseases; therefore, different plants can restore the general balance of the body.

Dr. Budwig warned her cancer patients not to take artificial vitamin and mineral supplements. However, she was in favor of all types of plant-based remedies. Therefore, at the Budwig Clinic, we include both herbal and Phyto preparations in our natural cancer treatment programs.

The Budwig diet includes drinking a cup of herbal tea before each meal. In many patient programs, where applicable, they are recommended herbal medicine for the pain, fatigue, sleep problems, and stress so often associated with cancer.

Other uses of plant-based remedies at the Budwig Center would include:

  • Herbal Teas / Infusions
  • Plant Powder Capsules
  • Mother tincture
  • Herbal Bath formulas
  • Massage oils using pure natural essences
  • Bach Flowers

We use the proven original protocol of Dr. Johanna Budwig that she implemented back in the 1970s. The success of the Budwig Protocol speaks for itself. To read about some success stories of people who have recovered their health from kidney cancer and various other types of cancer head to our testimonials page.

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