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Phyto and Herbal therapy at the Budwig Center of Spain

Where does the term phyto therapy come from? Well the word associates two Greek roots, “phytos” meaning plant and “therapeia” meaning care.

One may generalize and refer to ‘phyto medicine’ as herbal medicine, however there is a distinction between these. Phytotherapy and herbal medicine are both from a plant. However, once scientists fractioned that plant and had the preparation undergo clinical trials and rigorous biomedical studies, they could no longer just call it herbal medicine and a distinction was made.

Dr Budwig warned her cancer patients not to take artificial vitamin and mineral supplements. However, she was in favor of all types of plant-based remedies

Therefore, both herbal and phyto preparations are acceptable in a natural cancer treatment program.

Research has determined which plant extract is best designed to contribute to different vital functions of the human being. When there are deficiencies of these vital plant nutrients, this can create imbalances and even diseases, therefore different plants can restore the general balance of the body.

Many common health problems such as: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Endometriosis, Flu and its symptoms, tiredness and sleep deprivation, heartburn, high blood pressure, depression and all types of cancer can be helped

In the Budwig diet, you will be drinking a cup of herbal tea before each meal.

Also, Herbal medicine will be recommended for pain so often associated with cancer.

Also, for fighting fatigue, sleep problems, stress, poor blood circulation and so on.

Other uses of plant-based remedies at the Budwig Center would include:

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