The Budwig Diet – A Simple Approach to Healthy Eating

When many people hear the word ‘diet,’ they’re immediately concerned that what follows is an extreme weight loss regime, a list of unpleasant and tasteless foods, and a host of other restrictions that will take all the enjoyment out of life.

Fortunately, the Dr. Budwig Diet and Food Plan is quite the opposite. Dr. Johanna Budwig’s focus was to encourage her patients, as well as all of us, to enjoy a balanced selection of foods that contribute to optimum health. So, in reality, the Budwig Diet is a healthy way of eating that everyone should adopt, not just cancer patients.

Simple and Easy

Dr. Budwig’s food plan allows you to enjoy many of your favorite meals. The principal factor is that now you choose quality food products and natural ingredients. For example, when preparing desserts, instead of using refined white sugar, you replace it with natural sweeteners such as stevia, honey, and fruits. Refined oils are replaced with cold pressed coconut, sunflower, safflower and olive oil. Rather than using white flour, try Spelt and whole grain flour. Instead of standard table salt, opt for Himalayan or Celtic sea salt. Steaming your vegetables is ideal because that way you retain most of the nutritional benefits. These are just a few examples.

A Natural Remedy

Because toxins are one of the main factors that contribute to various diseases, controlling them is essential. A regular intake of fruits and vegetables helps you to actively detoxify your body which is a fundamental part of our diet plan. We recommend you use organic produce whenever possible so that you can enjoy the full benefits of all the nutrients and vitamins. Dr. Budwig was a vegetarian, so most of her recipes focus on meals without meat or fish.

For more detailed information about the Budwig Diet CLICK HERE.

The Budwig Center Kitchen

At the Budwig Center, we have a dedicated kitchen area where we prepare dishes for our patients so that they can see firsthand how delightful it is to follow the Budwig food plan. We only use natural and organic ingredients. Our goal is to teach our patients how to make balanced meals so that upon returning home they are fully equipped to follow this healthy lifestyle and continue to give their body what it needs to thrive.

The Budwig kitchen is a separate area from the clinic but nearby. We decorated it in a way that makes you feel at home. It is not open to the public because we wanted this to be a comfortable space for patients and their companions to enjoy a meal in a relaxed environment. There is room for 16 people to eat at a time.

For all our patients we provide the complete Budwig Guide which includes details of the foods to avoid and foods recommended to follow her plan.

We have prepared a sample of the guide for all to enjoy. Click the link below so you too can follow the simple steps to healthy eating.

DOWNLOAD the Free Budwig Guide.

CLICK HERE to discover some delicious, healthy recipes. More recipes are available for those who sign up for our programs.

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  1. Elise Abadie

    Hi my name is Elise Abadie. I was diagnosed with TNMBC in May 2016. I haven’t done any conventional treatment, but am trying to watch what I eat and take good vitamins and minerals. I do eat 6TBS of organic cottage cheese with 3TBS of flaxseed oil and 2TBS of freshly ground flaxseeds. I would love to know the do’s & don’ts of eating. Thank you.

    • Kathy Jenkins

      Dear Elise,
      Thank you for contacting us with your questions. We have provided a Free Guide in an e-book format so that you can start reading about the does and don’ts of the diet as well as other aspects of the protocol. You simply need to sign up to receive our notifications and the first email you receive will contain the link to our Free Guide.
      If you then want to consult with us about applying something directly to your health condition, please contact us by email:

  2. Mary Lou Schillinger

    I was diagnosed with follicular non-Hodgkin’s lymph Oma in June 2018 .
    I started the Budwig protocol in late October 2018.
    I am concerned about travel when in Russia as I am gone for 10 days during this holiday season . I am worried that I may not be able to eat my required amount on some days. Any suggestions ?
    Also Is there anyone with my condition not yet conventionally treated to correspond with on this blog
    Greatly appreciated

    • Kathy Jenkins

      Dear Mary Lou, there is a product you can buy and take on days when you are travelling and won’t be able to make the Budwig muesli. Try taking some of this and then making healthy choices while travelling.

  3. Asma

    Hi I’m patient of low grade serous carcinoma ovarian cancer and after massive surgery as I was stage 4b when diagnosed I was on hormonal blocker letrozole that also didn’t work after which I was on chemo six sessions but due to chemo resistant cancer it didn’t work too .I wanna try Budwig Diet protocol but need expertises in it don’t wanna try it on my own plz guide me in this regard really grateful

    • Kathy Jenkins

      Dear Asma, thank you for contacting us. When diagnosed with a serious condition, professional advice and guidance is always better so that we are certain to be following the guidelines that will be best for our condition. Please email us to find out more about how we offer this support remotely:


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