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Budwig Center On Going Support

At the Budwig Center, we provide on going support. This is to ensure that each patient gets the full benefit from our programs. Keep reading for more information.

Continue Your Health Journey with Budwig Center

So, you have spent two, three, or more weeks at the Budwig Center. You have received detoxification treatments and therapies. You have also benefited from hyperthermia sessions, massage treatments, restoration, and emotional therapies. Additionally, you have had personalized herbal remedies and an abundance of information and instruction on pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Now it is time to go back home, apply what you have learned, and continue your health journey.

How to Take Advantage of our Support

Some decide to purchase devices to continue with specific therapies at home. If that is your plan, we can help you to choose the device or devices that would be the most beneficial in your case. We want to be there with you, continuously offering our support, and feedback. How do we provide this assistance?

What’s Included in Budwig Center Support?

Budwig Center offers several means of assistance:

  1. Email us whenever you have the need.
  2. Call us on the phone during our working hours (See contact details and call times here).
  3. ZYTO (GSR) scans are available. They can help determine which organs or systems in your body currently need support, which health factors are a priority, and which supplements would be the most recommendable to take. These scans also allow us to continue offering personalized remedies and recommendations while you are following the Budwig Program.
  4. EVOX (Perception Reframing – Emotional therapy) can also be done using the ZYTO Hand Cradle. These sessions ensure you have appropriate and specific emotional support and help as you continue to deal with and resolve past or present challenging issues.

In addition to all these options, if you have signed up for our Newsletter, you will continue to receive our regular updates and news.

Returning to the Clinic for more Support

In many cases, our patients feel so relieved and supported by our programs that they are keen to return to our clinic. Some return anytime between three to six months after their initial enrolment. Others like to come back at least once a year.

We’re Here to Help

If you’d like to discuss anything further relating to the support provided in our programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. And don’t forget to Download our FREE Budwig Guide, which is packed with more info about our programs and methodology.

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