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Alternative cancer treatment Program Spain

The Budwig Center has been helping people face cancer by using alternative cancer treatments and remedies for nearly 20 years. Our natural cancer treatments attract people from all over the world and our plethora of testimonials testify to the success of our alternative cancer treatment clinic in Malaga.

Our “Eight Pillars of Healing Program” provides holistic, complementary, and alternative healing methods that treat the real cause of cancer and not just the symptoms. We treat not just the body, the tumor, or the disease but also the emotional trauma that is often associated with cancer.

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Budwig cancer treatment Program

Alternative Cancer Treatment Programs

Our cancer treatment programs are personalized. They treat the root causes, not just the symptoms. Our blend of natural remedies and medicines combines with clinical treatments ensure you get the best alternative cancer treatment available. 

Our treatments include whole body hyperthermia, hydrogen inhalation, GSR & Vega tests, matrix regeneration therapy, emotional rebalancing, personalized remedies and much more. 

Budwig Center Cancer Clinical Programs

Health & Wellness Programs

Our health and wellness programs are designed for people who need to:

  • Reinforce the immune system
  • Address issues related to sleep management
  • Find emotional balance
  • Improve their dietary pattern
  • Detox to improve cardiovascular and digestive health.

And much more…

Wellness Home Care Program

Home Care Programs

For patients who cannot come to our clinic, we offer Home Care Programs that are comprehensive and affordable. Whether you have cancer, another illness, or if you would like to improve your general health, these Home Care Programs will prove beneficial.

We have three different home care programs, and we modify and tailor the program according to your needs and requirements.

The Budwig Center is committed to implementing the original Dr. Johanna Budwig protocol that, for more than 60 years, has helped countless people recover their health from all types of cancer. 

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Our natural cancer clinic in Torremolinos can help you to beat this terrible disease. 

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