Support Programs for Cancer

The Budwig Center programs have helped many to improve their quality of life. 

Clinical Program

Budwig Center 3

Our program lasts 3 weeks.

(Note: Adjustments may be made to the program based on the Medical Consultation and the personalized analysis)

Total Body Analysis
Using GSR and VEGA check we will select the best remedies for you
Medical Consultation
Receive a personal program from our doctor
Budwig Recipe Book
Create healthy, simple and delicious meals on the Budwig protocol
Group Teaching Sessions
Learn and ask anything about the Budwig protocol from our founder
Holistic Therapies
Support your health with natural therapies and remedies
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Holistic Treatments We Include:

Four-In-One Holistic Treatment
Applied to balance the autonomic nervous system and locally to apply FIR heat on a diseased area. (Read More).

Frequency Generator Sessions
Contribute to terrain balance with specific groups of frequencies for micro-organisms.

Hydrogen Inhalation
Promote detoxification and cleansing (Read More).

Bio Charger Sessions
Combines 4 natural energies simultaneously to give support and energy to your system.

Whole-Body Hyperthermia
High heat helps remove toxins. (Read More).

Pine Needle Oil Extract Inhalation
Enhances energy levels, improves oxygenation, helps with swelling, joint pain and discomfort, and congestion (Read More).

Foot Bath
For Lymph and Kidney detox therapy, drawing out toxins from the 2000 pores of the bottom of each foot (Read More).

Shiatsu Massage
Reduces stress, anxiety, muscle stiffness and joint pain, aids digestion and has a very positive influence on the nervous system.

Sessions of Bio-magnetic pairs
Restores proper pH levels of the body (Read More).

Emotional Rebalancing
With EFT, and EVOX.

Spinal Realignment
On the Jade massage bed with Far Infrared heat (Read More).

Matrix Regeneration Therapy
For detox and balancing metabolism (Read More).

Blood Purification
The Blood Purifier worn on the wrist sends multiple frequencies to resonate and oscillate with various groups of micro-organisms (Read More).

Herbal Packs
For kidney and liver treatment (Read More).


Personalized Support Programs for Cancer

Holistic Programs

Following the medical consultation, the program is personalized. Depending on the type of cancer and your general physical condition, (allergies, ascites, strength, pain, past surgeries…etc.) it can be decided which protocol will be suitable for each person. Also the duration and frequency of these.

You will receive a personalized approach.
We aim to do all that we can during your stay so that you notice a great improvement in your quality of life, and we have a very qualified and capable team to do so.

Our programs on the Costa del Sol are holistic and integrative. This means they are designed to provide a fuller understanding about health and factors contributing to disease. Our Dr Budwig approach ensures you get the most benefit possible.

Budwig Center 5
Budwig Center 4

Food, Lodging and Airport Pick-Up

A food pack so that you can prepare the Budwig breakfast and lunches from Monday to Friday is included during your clinical program. You will only need to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables of your choice.  You can benefit from a variety of tasty and healthy food demos in our kitchen each day.  Also, if you bring someone to support you during your stay that person enjoys the food demos at no extra charge.

Lodging is separate.  However, as we live in a very popular tourist area there are plenty of affordable Airbnb and other types of lodging within a few minutes’ walk to our clinic.  We can send you links to places nearby that you can review and research online.

Airport pick-up is not offered. We are only about 10 minutes from the Malaga International airport and so for about €20 you can catch an Uber, Bolt or taxi who will take you right to your place of stay.  Please print out the exact address of where you are staying and simply show that address to the taxi driver in case you get a driver who does not speak or understand English very well.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support to ensure that each patient gets the full benefit from our programs. Keep reading for more information.

What Our Clients Say

Si se Puede Crear Vida con el Método DEKE (Reme Barbera)
Si se Puede Crear Vida con el Método DEKE (Reme Barbera)
El trato la familiaridad y esa profesionalidad para ayudar a las personas que te hace sentir como en casa. Gracias
Excellent clinic!
Bruce Braithwaite
Bruce Braithwaite
I am extremely grateful have found a treatment philosophy at the Budwig Center in Torremolinos, which is alternative to that which currently available through the conventional medical industry, and which dovetails with my own personal beliefs around health and wellbeing. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, I recently underwent two weeks of treatments, education, caring and assistance, provided to me by the amazing Budwig Center team in my personal time of need. I found the entire treatment experience special – the treatments provided to me were uplifting, well researched, personalized for me and my situation, and most importantly provided with love and purpose. The amazing team there were all so professional, passionate, and encouraging, providing an ideal environment for healing. At the end of my two weeks at the clinic, not only did I feel so much better, I also felt confident that I had the foundation and the tools necessary to further promote my internal healing mechanisms – all with the knowledge and assurance that the Budwig team remain committed to my healing. These people are doing Gods work, I will be forever grateful for the experience and time spent with them.
Vintage Turntables Turntablesa
Vintage Turntables Turntablesa
I met Dr Jenkins in 2009 in Malaga after loosing my mother, to Cancer. HE carefully explained the risks, causes and introduced me to a level of Knowledge that none of the specialists and oncologists we consulted through 4 cancer deaths in my family, yes I was at risk it was "in the family" and all died at the hands of oncologists. In 2012 at the age of 52 i was diagnosed with Lymphatic cancer, throat cancer from acid reflux and told tha chemo was my alternative and only hope. I turned to the Budwig Protocols and most of the other modalites used by Dr Jenkins at the Budwig center and in 2019 I live to tell the amazing story of a Protocol th WORKS, I bears the scars of burst lymph glands and they are a reminder that we can overcome cancer NATURALLY. Thanks Dr Jenkins for your tireless dedication to health
Belinda Watson
Belinda Watson
I enjoyed an amazing cranial massage session today at the Budwig Centre Malaga with Toni, she is an amazing therapist, and so professional and caring. The quality and standard of her technique is excellent, and I look forward to future therapy sessions with her, and hopefully to try the hot mineral & oil massage! Thankyou Toni & to the Budwig Centre for offering such a great range of relaxation & therapeutic therapys, they are so beneficial & supportive to our healing journeys, and I feel so lucky to have access to such a high standard of care with you. Best Wishes, Belinda Watson, UK.
Mari M
Mari M
Dr. Robin Jenkins, gracias por atención y ayuda! Ellos tienen productos naturales.
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