Making The Budwig Mix – Does the Type of Blender Matter?

The Budwig Mix has been making its mark among the most famous recipes of our time. When prepared and consumed correctly, it’s not only delicious but nutritiously powerful enough to affect the lives and health of those who eat it regularly. So, it’s understandable that many are concerned with preparing it properly to get the most benefit. When making the flax oil cottage cheese mix, does the type of blender make a difference to the recipe?

Blender Vs. Whisk?

Some people say you should only use a non-electric, whisk-type blender, whereas others say you must always use an electric, hand-held blender. The best plan to solve this debate is to take the issue to the source of the recipe, Doctor Budwig herself. However, even among those who knew her and visited her clinic, there are conflicting points of view.

Watch the following video and then keep reading:

Researching Dr. Budwig and the science behind the Budwig Mix recipe, one fact is consistently highlighted; the most important thing when you blend is that the two ingredients mix thoroughly. Getting flax oil and cottage cheese to mix is, quite literally, like mixing oil with water. They don’t mix well.  That’s one reason why the recipe must be consumed within 20 minutes of preparation if not, it will just start to separate again.

Budwig Tips

Our conclusion? You can use a whisk-type blender as long as you whisk it thoroughly enough that all the oil specs disappear from the dairy. You want the mixture to have a nice and white, whipped cream-type look. If you’re leaning towards the hand-held electric blender, no problem, make sure that you do it at low speed and don’t blend for too long. Blending too long or too high will start to heat the mixture, which in turn will destroy some of the crucial ingredients.

Either blender is acceptable as long as these two factors of mixing the oil thoroughly to attain the correct consistency. Also, not overheating the mixture by blending too fast for too long are taken into consideration.

So, as we say at the Budwig Center, “Blend and Enjoy!”

Do you know how to make the Budwig Mix? If not, watch this video.

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