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Can I Follow The Budwig Protocol While Doing Chemotherapy?

It may seem to some that the Budwig Protocol is not compatible with traditional medicine. This is not the case. At the Budwig center, our goal is to help as many as people as possible. But we respect the decisions of all our patients and friends. Many have come to our clinic before during or after undergoing chemotherapy sessions.

If you do decide to combine chemotherapy with the Budwig protocol, then our advice is to take specific foods that will help reduce the common side effects.

Watch this video for more information and then keep reading:

Foods That Reduce The Side Effects Of Chemotherapy

  • Ginger and oatmeal smoothies will reduce nausea and vomiting.
  • Spirulina contains 20% more protein than meat, and it has been beneficial for cancer patients on chemotherapy who often lose their appetite. You can take 6 to 8 Spirulina tablets daily which will also up your protein intake.
  • Caraway seeds help with nausea and vomiting.
  • Vitamin E is very helpful to combat hair loss and mouth sores.
  • Transfer factors are a must because they are excellent immune boosters. We highly advise taking up to six transfer factor capsules a day during chemotherapy sessions.
  • Eat plenty of high rich potassium foods such as potatoes, bananas, butternut squash, avocados, prune juice and so on.
  • Black tea and toast can help if you experience diarrhea,
  • Rice water also helps with diarrhea. Boil a ½ cup of white rice in 6 cups of water for half an hour, strain, save the water, sweeten with honey to taste and drink.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and dried prunes which will help with constipation. You can also take a teaspoon of Epson salts in juice every hour.
  • On the Budwig Program, coffee enemas are encouraged.

So, at the Budwig Center, we respect the decision of each patient and we collaborate with them to attain the best possible outcome. For more information, watch this video:


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