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Cancer Programs

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Budwig Clinical Program

Do you want to know what our special clinical program against cancer includes?

Additional Therapies Available With All Programs:
Additional Services

We provide a host of effective therapies and treatments in our cancer programs and our health and wellness programs. In many cases, patients may need to return to our clinic just for specific treatments rather than for the entire program. Others who do not need to enroll in a program may want to avail themselves of one of these specialized therapies. To book an appointment, contact us.

Here is a list of specific therapies and treatments that can be paid for separately:

Vega test and GSR scan 80€ (remedies sold separately)

Biomagnetic pair session 70€ (magnets sold separately)

Kinesiology session 70€


Medical Thermography

* For more options, consult with us.

Medical consultation (40 min) 80€

Consultation with Budwig therapist (30 min) 50€

Consultation with Budwig therapist (1 hr) 80€

Footbath for lymph and kidney detox 25€

Indian head massage 50€

Hot stone massage 70€

Full Body Hyperthermia sessions 100€

We provide an aftercare service to ensure that each patient gets the full benefits from our programs and can continue on the road to recovery upon returning home. Keep reading for more information.

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