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Look Out For These Digital Health Trends in 2021

Digital health trends have always played a significant role in our lives. Each decade we see new advances in medicine and technology. However, as of 2020, digital tools and services play a more prominent role in our societies than ever before. The pandemic and the subsequent global crisis that we are going through has made it necessary to act fast while adopting a flexible approach. Under such circumstances, innovation and creativity lead to new digital health trends, thus proving that technology and healthcare can coexist effectively.

Here are some digital health trends to keep an eye on in the coming months and years.

Easy Access to Vital Information

Back in the day, our local doctor had an extensive archive with folders of information about our health and background. What was previously a painstaking task to access is now just a click away. Today, healthcare experts can monitor and access various information, such as vital signs, CT scans, genomic data, etc. We can keep an eye on our condition and progress using digital tools. For example, Some apps allow you to measure your heart rate and blood pressure. Due to the pandemic, visits to the doctor have been limited or not recommended because of fear of spreading the virus. Therefore, both patients and healthcare providers were happy to discover other ways of exchanging information or performing “check-ups” using digital tools.

Digital Doctors Visits

Another way healthcare providers have become more efficient is easy access to patients via phone calls, texts, or video calls. It is a trend that is gaining more and more acceptance. However, there are still many questions and concerns about the safety and privacy of these options.

Some healthcare providers still don’t offer such services and don’t plan to do so in the future because they think they cannot advise a patient without physically seeing them. On the other hand, many forward-thinking healthcare providers encourage their patients to use digital tools as part of the healthcare package.

For many years now, we are the Budwig Center have found the value of conversing with our patients via digital tools. We welcome patients from all over the globe, so communicating thoroughly with each one has been vital to providing them with the most appropriate advice before making the journey to our clinic in Spain. Additionally, our follow up consultations have been integral to ensure they progress and restore their health.

Our home care programs and online consultations have been vital for the many people who have wanted to visit our clinic but could not due to the pandemic, being too weak, or due to limited finances.

Learn more by reading our article: HomeCare Programs At The Budwig Center

Virtual Reality and Interactive Healthcare

Just a few years ago, virtual reality was seen by most as something specifically for recreational use only. However, it has become an enormously powerful tool that is now being used by surgeons and educational institutions to train future doctors and to test new techniques for future surgeries.

Although the innovative growth in digital healthcare has offered many options for patients, it can also become overwhelming. It can be annoying to have to turn to different portals for different issues, one for your insurance company, one for your doctor, another for your blood work, and so on. With so many platforms available, interactivity and ease of use are vital.

Thankfully, a new digital trend has emerged where different healthcare portals intertwine into one. Not only does the patient no longer have to juggle between them all, but healthcare providers can easily manage and share important health information with their patients. Additionally, by accessing all data using one platform or portal, the chances of losing essential data are much lower.


Digital healthcare is excellent for helping patients and doctors fight a present condition, but it’s also vital to prevent future health issues. Digitally, many doctors are now working not merely to provide a prescription but also to make sure that people focus on a healthier lifestyle. Their online programs include different health aspects, for example, quality of sleep, fitness, or healthy nutrition.

Many people are incredibly involved in taking care of their health but don’t know where to start. By having an online consultation with a healthcare professional or using a digital platform, patients can learn how to eat healthily, do specific exercises, or improve the quality of sleep, all without spending a lot of money or driving to appointments.

This change is convenient in times of a pandemic, where there is a necessity of staying home and avoiding contact with others as much as possible. Many fitness studios or sports clubs have been closed, leaving people wondering how to keep fit. Many people lost their jobs during the pandemic, which ultimately took a toll on their sleep schedule. Having digital portals available can help individuals stay on top of their health and prevent more severe issues from occurring in the future.

Are These Digital Health Trends Here to Stay?

In conclusion, companies have always strived for the latest digital innovations to provide faster and better services. Many innovators and entrepreneurs aim to develop a new technology or a service that can change the world.

When it comes to healthcare, a lot is at stake. Companies must ensure that they achieve their mission and goals without putting patients’ safety and privacy at risk. It is indeed a particularly challenging task, but without a doubt, the benefits of proper execution are immense. Not only can such results be advantageous, but they can be lifesaving as well.

Intermixing the digital world with the classic healthcare system can save time and provide efficient solutions for both patients and healthcare providers.


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