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Health Tips: 6 Ways to Manage The Side Effects of A Body Detox

Almost everyone with a serious chronic illness, especially cancer will experience unpleasant side effects while detoxing, which is often labeled “The healing crisis”. You will feel worse before you feel better and typically you will experience chills, fever, low blood pressure, headache, muscle pain, and flushing. Do not be surprised if you also experience nausea, vomiting, night sweats, insomnia, loose bowels and possibly a rash for a few days or even a few weeks.

The medical world calls this the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction. Basically, the higher the number of infectious organisms, viruses, yeast infections and other pathogens killed by the treatment you use, the more severe the side effects from the release of the endotoxins. That is why at the Budwig Cancer Center we always tailor our anti-cancer program to the patient by using a personalized approach so that they are not overwhelmed while suffering these side effects.

We remind our patients that although unpleasant, this is a temporary situation, somewhat like the storm before the calm. Just understanding what is happening can be comforting and prevent further anxiety. Your body is wonderfully designed and is now removing toxins, poisons and harmful pathogens that caused cancer in the first place.

Six (6) Things You Can Do To Manage side effects  “The Healing Crisis” Body Detox

(1)  24-hour Detox

Health tips, Manage Side effects, body detox, 24 hours detox

To speed up the removal of all these toxins from your body consider a 24-hour detox plan by consuming fermented foods and drinks every day.

For example, sauerkraut and sauerkraut juice, JUN Kombucha (green tea/honey), fermented whey and coconut water, natural pickles, Kimchi, and miso.

Drink a glass (8 ozs/250ml) of pure water and add the juice of half a lemon along with 1 or 2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar.

Including these into your daily diet is excellent for detoxification.

(2) Drink More Pure Structured Water

Health tips, Manage Side effects, body detox, drink pure water

The human body consists of 72% water so it is essential that we drink pure spring water, and if possible, water that has been ‘structured’, what is known as ‘vortex water’. Water clusters that are chaotic (unstructured) are difficult for our cells to absorb because water molecules are too big for proper cell absorption, which results in many of us being dehydrated even though we may drink a lot of water daily.

Research indicates that cells absorb structured water better than unstructured chaotic water. Peter C. Agre, a 2003 Nobel Prize-winning biologist, discovered that hydration is linked to the aquaporin channel in a cell, which can only receive one water molecule at a time. With Vortex or structured water, water clusters are reduced to one molecule, allowing for better hydration. Hydrating your body well by drinking 2-4 oz. of structured water every 15 minutes is very beneficial. Water helps eliminate toxic waste and substances that cause inflammation by flushing it from organs and detoxification pathways such as the lymphatic system.

(3) Sulfur Helps Detoxify

Health tips, Manage Side effects, body detox, sulfur helps detoxing

Every day consume garlic, onions, and walnuts which are all high in sulfur and encourage detoxification and cleansing.  The famous Dr. Budwig flaxseed and Quark (cottage cheese) mixture is also high in sulfur and is part of the Budwig anti-cancer program.

(4)  Foods that Cleanse and Rebuild

Health tips, Manage Side effects, body detox, food cleanse and rebuild

During the 24 hour detox, the following foods will cleanse the digestive tract, stimulate gallbladder and kidney function, fight inflammation and restore the immune system: raw ginger, ginger tea, organic chicken or fish bone broth soup, milk thistle in capsules or liquid and cilantro.  Activated charcoal is also very effective at removing poisons which cause inflammation and tissue damage (sold in most Health Shops).

(5) Exercise, Rest, and Sunbathing

Health tips, Manage Side effects, body detox, exercise, rest and sunbathing

A steady 20 or 30-minute walk outdoors is very beneficial.  Dr. Budwig found that the sicker the patient was the more they needed to be outdoors in the sun, even on cloudy days some ‘photons’ from the sun are present.  Nothing replaces adequate exercise, sleep, and sunshine when the body needs to regenerate.

(6) Inversion Table and Osteopathic Care

All the organs in your body are represented in your spinal column. Therefore, any disks that are slightly misaligned can be preventing energy from flowing to a vital organ. Using an inversion table is excellent for keeping the spinal column in good condition. Seek out a qualified osteopath or chiropractic therapist who can properly adjust the spinal column to remove interferences hindering communication of the central nervous system.

Of course, we don’t want our readers to misinterpret their symptoms and if these persist you will need to consult a physician to make sure your condition has not become worse.

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