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Now more than ever, our society is beginning to realize how vital it is to care for our health and wellness. By taking our healthcare seriously we can do much to limit the impact of various viruses and illnesses. Furthermore, we can even go as far as preventing certain sicknesses and diseases from ever impacting us.

“Easier said than done,” you may say. Well, our team at the Budwig Center is here to help.

What are the benefits of our Health & Wellness Programs?

Our Health and Wellness Programs are designed for people who need to:

  • Reinforce the immune system
  • Address issues related to sleep management
  • Find emotional balance
  • Improve their dietary pattern
  • Detox to improve cardiovascular and digestive health

Those who visit our center are thrilled to learn that we provide specialized treatments that can help them reverse the effects of severe ailments. Increased energy and renewed vitality are just a few of the benefits of the Health & Wellness Programs.

Is this program for you?

Have you been through a stressful period in your life that hasn’t allowed you to prioritize your health and needs?

No doubt you want to get back on track, especially if you have noticed a few nagging health issues like sluggish digestion, skin conditions, headaches, and other aches and pains starting to appear.

Have you been taking a certain medication for some time now and realized that it has specific side effects due to its toxicity?

Now you will want to know how to minimize these side effects and support your body to reduce or even eliminate the need to take the medication if possible.

Are you a generally healthy person who already has good health, good habits, and no symptoms but want to maintain your health for as long as possible?

As you know, tests are done by conventional medicine, which generally only detect illness. The more effective form of analyzing one’s condition is identifying issues “before” they become a major problem. So, a preventative approach is vital to ensure you maintain optimum health.

Where do we start?

First, we perform a complete analysis of the body, which helps us evaluate which organs and systems require the most attention. Once your condition is clear, our healthcare experts will provide a specific treatment plan along with a tailor-made food plan appropriate to your needs.

Note: Because our health evaluation systems are so effective, we can provide personalized programs that suit your specific health needs and requirements.

How will the program help you?

The therapies and treatments we offer are second to none. For the past 20 years, we have been helping people regain their strength and address serious health issues.

Here is a very brief overview of what areas of your health the program will target and what therapies or modalities we use to address these issues and rejuvenate your system:

  • Health Assessment and Evaluation

We will start with a complete analysis of your condition using the Vega Test and GSR scan. We will compare the results with your medical history, determine the remedies your body needs, and make personalized dietary suggestions.

We also use kinesiology (muscle testing) to evaluate what aspects of your environment and physical and mental health are draining vital energy hindering you from performing at your best. The key to what we are aiming for is balance. Our bodies are intelligent, and with some help, they will regain that balance once again.

  • Boost Immune System

When we perform the full-body analysis at the beginning of the program, we will also do a food scan. The results will help us to see if you have any probiotic or enzyme deficiencies. This information will help us identify what you need to restore your gut flora, vital for a robust immune system

In addition to looking at gut health, we will look at pathogens affecting your immune function (virus, bacteria, fungus, and parasites). With the Vega Test, we can see your energetic dynamics to see if you are sustainably spending your energy. If that is not the case, we will have to look at lifestyle habits. Last but not least is the health of the autonomic nervous system. We cannot hope for a functional immune system if the autonomic nervous system is unbalanced. This can be treated with spinal alignment, breathing exercises, and heat treatments.

  • Pain Management

We have several therapies to help in this area. Depending on the reason for this pain, it could be that dealing with inflammation will be the key. For others, the pain is a message from the body asking for a bit of rest to recover. Therefore, respecting our body’s requests will result in a faster recovery.

Relaxing with breathing techniques and/or heat treatments has proven very effective. Pain can certainly make us nervous, so identifying the reason for that pain will provide a huge relief. We have natural herbal remedies, both in capsule and cream form, specifically to address pain.

  • Sleep Management

As well as sleep coaching consultations, the thermal Jade Spinal Massage is highly effective in addressing sleep problems as it helps balance the autonomic nervous system.

We can guide you in specific products or other natural herbal remedies that help the body relax and fall asleep. We do prioritize this as it is a vital body function to hope for a good recovery.

For more information read our article What is “Sleep Hygiene,” and How Does it Contribute to Better Sleep Quality and Healing?

  • Emotional Balance and Restoration

We have several emotional therapies such as EFT – Tapping, Bioenergetic Restoration, and EVOX Sessions. We are always here to listen to you and guide you in terms of what can help you at this moment. Knowing you can consult with a professional can be very helpful in moments of high anxiety.

For more information read our article Emotional Healing At The Budwig Center (Guide)

This is just a sample of what therapies and treatments we will use to help you. For further insight, head to our therapies page.

Why are our programs so beneficial?

Simply put, our programs have a whole-person approach. In addition, we target the root cause of health conditions, not just the symptoms. To achieve these goals, we use personalized tests that analyze a person’s condition and help us to establish what treatment plan will be most effective for them as an individual.

Furthermore, we make sure that all who enroll in our programs are at the forefront of caring for their health needs. So, throughout the program, we provide education and support to ensure that each person has a clear view of what they must do themselves to gain and maintain optimum health.

How do I enroll in the Health and Wellness Program?

As mentioned, we feel that a personalized approach is essential to getting to the root of a person’s health issue. So, after performing a complete analysis of the person’s condition and establishing the areas that need the most attention, we provide a personalized outline and plan to address those concerns. Then the person can choose what step they would like to take next – whether to focus on a specific issue or enroll in a week-long program at the clinic.

Let’s begin

Contact us today to arrange a health consultation. We will answer any specific questions you may have and provide more details of how our program can help you.

Whether you are suffering from severe ill health – or if your goal is to give your body a little boost so that it can function optimally – it will be our privilege to help you on your journey to better health and wellness.

Success Stories

For the past 20 years, we at the Budwig Center have been helping people address their health issues. Our natural approach, the education and training we provide, and the numerous success stories have convinced many that what our clinic offers would help them.

We encourage you to visit our Testimonials page, where you can read some heartwarming accounts and watch some inspiring videos where former clients discuss the benefits of the Budwig Programs.

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