HomeCare Programs At The Budwig Center

For patients who are not able to come to our clinic, we offer HomeCare Programs that are comprehensive and affordable. These programs are ideal for those who want to come to our clinic but who can’t due to the current travel restrictions or for those who want some natural remedies in the comfort of their own home.

The Budwig Center is committed to implementing the original Dr. Johanna Budwig protocol that, for more than 60 years, has helped countless people with all types of cancer recover their health. Our team of Budwig specialists and medical professionals are ready to help you on your healing journey. Our “Eight Pillars of Healing program” provides holistic, complementary, and alternative healing methods that treat the root cause of cancer and not just the symptoms.

HomeCare Program – Step 1

To get you started we ask you to fill in an online form. This gives us an overview of your health and background. After you have filled out our online health form, one of our Budwig specialists will have a consultation with you to get to know you on a personal level and discuss in greater detail your condition. With our state of the art devices, we can perform a full-body scan of each patient, which enables us to provide a personalized treatment package. In the case of our HomeCare Programs, there are specific scans that we can perform remotely, which will give us insight into your condition. The results of these scans will help guide us as we recommend the most appropriate remedies and treatments for you.

Because our programs are personalized, we will be able to provide you with help and guidance regardless of your condition.

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HomeCare Program – Step 2

Once one of our Budwig Specialists review your health form and the results of your scans, we will provide a personalized program that will include the best remedies and supplements for your condition, along with detailed instructions.

Our patients have expressed appreciation that we have sourced the most potent plant extracts that aid in disabling cancer stem cells and that reinforce the immune system. These herbal and homeopathic combinations also address detoxification, extreme pain, candida, insomnia, lack of energy, lack of appetite, and depression. Our Budwig specialists will be on hand for further consultation sessions where we help guide you through the program.

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Natural Integrative Treatment

It may seem to some that the Budwig Protocol is not compatible with conventional medicine. However, this is not the case. At the Budwig center, our goal is to help as many people as possible. We respect the decisions of all our patients and friends. Many have come to our clinic before, during, or after undergoing chemotherapy sessions. Thus, if you do decide to combine chemotherapy with the Budwig protocol, then we tailor the program to your specific needs. We will also direct you to remedies and treatments that will reduce the common side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

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Which HomeCare Program Is Best For You?

Facing travel restrictions doesn’t change the fact that we must take measures to restore our health, especially if you have been diagnosed with cancer or another chronic illness. We have three types of HomeCare Programs that can help you do as much as you can within your circumstances. Which program you choose largely depends on your condition and how far along you are.

CLICK HERE to review our options. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us and we can answer any questions you may have.

For more information about the Budwig Protocol, watch this video:

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