Introducing Wellness Programs at The Budwig Center

We are happy to announce that we now offer wellness programs at the Budwig Center. What has prompted us to start providing these programs? Who would benefit from them?

For the past two decades, the Budwig center has been helping people from all over the world recover from cancer using natural methods and remedies. Patients quickly learn that our goal is not just to reverse the effects of cancer, but we also treat the many symptoms that come with the disease. The Budwig Protocol tackles symptoms such as low appetite, insomnia, depression and chronic fatigue. It also addresses diet and nutrition and helps patients find emotional balance, which in most cases is a critical component to serious health maladies. The reality is, many people have to battle these conditions, not just cancer patients. Because of this, we have seen the need to provide specialized programs that cater to these issues and make them available to those who do not necessarily have cancer and also to any who are now cancer-free but may feel the need to reinforce their system.

Interestingly, many of the friends, family or carers that assist the patients that enroll in our cancer programs have seen the value of the remedies and treatments that we provide and have requested that they too go through certain features of the program, such as the emotional healing techniques or detox treatments. The result has been that both cancer patient and carer return home reinvigorated and in better health.

Why Go to The Budwig Center for a Wellness Program if I Don’t Have Cancer?

In a word: Prevention. The natural approach has gained much acceptance in recent years because of its simple focus of following a healthy and nutritious diet, managing stress/balancing emotions and detox treatment. So many who visit our center are thrilled to learn that with a little self-discipline and minor life adjustments they can pursue new healthy habits that will help them reverse the effects of serious ailments as well as give them energy and vitality. How much better it would be to live this way of life and follow a course that will limit the chance of being diagnosed with a grievous illness in the first place. There is no substitute for enjoying a healthy life.

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What Can I Expect From a Wellness Program?

We will start with a full analysis of your condition using the Vega Test and GSR scan. We will compare the results with your medical history and determine the remedies that your body needs and make personalized dietary suggestions.

Many have commented that what they love about our clinic is that it doesn’t feel like they are in a clinic at all. We have created a stress-free environment where you will quickly feel comfortable and at home. Our multilingual staff ensures that you can speak in the language of your heart and that you fully understand every aspect of the programs. The weekly group discussions with the owner of the clinic, Lloyd Jenkins Ph.D. and the daily contact with the experienced therapists and doctors give you a chance to have your questions answered. You will enjoy personal and group conversations with these medical professionals about the various concepts behind maintaining good health. Knowledge is power.

What is The Best Wellness Program For Me?

We have three types of wellness programs:

1. Emotional Wellness
2. Wellness Detox
3. Post Surgery / Serious Illness

As the names suggest, the first program focuses on emotional balance and provides relief from past trauma and specific stressful situations. The objective is to aid each person who enrolls to overcome and move on from the emotional pain and hurt feelings that have had an impact on their health. The therapies included, such as Evox and bioenergetic restoration, will help you feel centered and focused and will reframe your perspective providing relief to emotional blocks.

We highly recommend the Detox Wellness program for those who have not paid much attention to health and now see the need to pursue healthy habits. The number one lesson you will learn is that the first step to better health is to reset the body through a full detox. You will quickly notice that energy levels will rise and the organs will begin to function as they should.

The third program is for any who have recently had an operation and now desire to reinforce their system after the rigors of surgery. Most people are recommended extended periods of rest after surgery. While this is vital, our doctors and therapists will teach you that there is much more that can be done to build up the body and quicken the recovery time.

Regardless of how severe your condition may be or if you desire to rejuvenate your body so that it can function optimally, it will be our privilege to help you with your journey to better health and wellness.

Please contact us right away if you would like to enroll in one or more of these wellness programs. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

To learn more about these programs CLICK HERE>>>

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