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Liver Cancer Treatment

What Is Liver Cancer?

The liver is a complex organ that performs hundreds of different functions every day. Some of the most important functions of the liver include:

  • Digesting proteins and fats
  • Controlling blood clotting
  • Removing toxins (the poisons that build up in the body)
  • Releasing bile (this is the liquid that breaks down fats and supports digestion)

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The Budwig Program And Liver Cancer

The Budwig program is different from conventional cancer treatment because we accept that the basis of a lot of physical health problems lies in emotional and mental health problems; trauma, anxiety, depression, and stress can all contribute to physical illness. 

Emotional imbalances can also prevent your body from adequately dealing with physical problems and make it harder to manage or treat pre-existing conditions. We know that one of the most stressful things that can happen to a person is a diagnosis of serious illness, so people end up in a self-propelling loop of physical and emotional trauma. 

The Budwig program has proven to be very successful because we address the emotional aspects of a person’s life and create a picture of them as a whole person before we plan our course of treatment. We cannot treat a disease without addressing the entire person. Our therapists use clinically proven EFT and EVOX sessions to help overcome any sadness, trauma, anxiety, or other emotional problems. We aim to help our patients meet their challenges head-on and deal with them in a practical, proactive, and positive way.

[Do you need more detailed information about the Budwig Diet and Protocol? If so, download the free Budwig Guide here.]

Liver cancer treatment at The Budwig Center begins with a detox program – the liver is the natural detoxification center for the body, which means that all the environmental and physical toxins are filtered through it – this makes it prone to a build-up of toxic chemicals. We use potent natural plant-based herbal remedies to cleanse the liver, helping the body reach optimal conditions for fighting cancer.

Budwig Approved Treatments For Liver Cancer

As no two people are alike, no two treatment plans are identical. Some of the therapies we commonly use for liver cancer at The Budwig Center include:

We also use an approach for cancer treatment called FOUR-IN-ONE treatment. This works to disable the ‘stem cells’ which control cancer. It is a combination of heat therapy, needle-free acupuncture, energy balancing, and vibrational frequencies.

The Budwig Diet forms a strong basis for a healthy body and mind, and we recommend it to everyone – not just our patients. An adaptable, cancer-fighting adjustment to the healthy Mediterranean-style diet, we see incredible success from just small lifestyle changes.


We’re proud to share many success stories from people we’ve helped to beat cancer, and comments of anybody who’s experienced our holistic cancer treatment at our beautiful clinic in sunny Torremolinos. For example, one of our happiest success stories was from Voyt, whose liver cancer specialist told him he had six months to live. He came to the Budwig Center for our person-centered, fully immersive natural treatment plan. A year on, he let us know that he’s feeling great, and getting better every day. 

Head to our testimonials page for more stories of the people who’ve survived cancer the Budwig way.

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