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The current pandemic we are all facing has had at least one positive knock-on effect: Many have now started to appreciate the importance of maintaining their health and working to prevent serious health problems from occurring in the future.

The spread of a virus globally (or otherwise) is not in our control. In the face of this daunting fact, many have realized that it’s best to focus on things that are under our control. For example, following a balanced and healthy diet and having a robust immune system are two simple things we can work on to give ourselves the best chance to ward off viruses and chronic illnesses. As you know, regular exercise has always been a key ingredient to better physical and mental health. Interestingly, the lockdown – limited movement and being stuck in the house – has inspired many people to start working out and exercising at home.

These are positive changes, and we celebrate this mindset of focusing on caring for one’s wellbeing and pursuing preventative health measures.

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Your Health And You

The relationship people have with their health can vary quite significantly. Some people rush to the doctor for answers or solutions to every symptom they may have. They yearn to be healthier but don’t know what they need or where to start. Others are overwhelmed with the tsunami of advice on health published on the internet. There is no shortage of information out there about the best diet, the best fasting program, the best exercise program, and so on. Many people routinely visit their doctor and despite following the advice and taking the recommended medication, they don’t feel any better! They know something’s missing but are not quite sure what it is.

For two decades, we at the Budwig Center have helped people from all over the world to recover their health. Our multifaceted programs include basic principles that can help restore or improve one’s health if they are facing a serious problem like cancer. However, there are aspects of our programs that can benefit you even if cancer is not your problem. Perhaps you simply want to improve your health and be educated on the steps that you should follow to be the best possible version of yourself. For this very reason, two years ago, we launched our Wellness Programs, which are targeted at people who may not have a severe illness but are at a stage in their lives where they realize they need to make some changes to their health or feel that they need to reinforce their system.

New Offers At The Budwig Center

To make our treatments even more accessible, we would like to announce a new set of programs that we feel will be of great benefit to health-conscious individuals, such as yourself. We thought about those who may not necessarily want (or need) to come to our clinic for a full, intense program but would benefit greatly from what we have to offer.

So we would like to introduce our new Health Day Packages.

Enjoy A Health Day At The Budwig Center

What is the purpose of these packages? Regardless of your current health condition, you may be concerned about, for example, cholesterol levels, insulin levels, pain, cancer, or more. With our Health Day Packages, you can consult with our doctors and health professionals, receive a personalized test to examine your current condition and benefit from appropriate treatments and remedies that you need to push your health in the right direction.

These packages are flexible and personalized and can help you maintain optimum health and ensure that you are doing everything you can to prevent more severe illnesses down the line.

Do you live in Spain? Are you planning to visit Spain or somewhere else in Europe? If so, why not use one day of your trip to focus solely on your health?

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For more information or if you have any questions Contact us.

The Budwig Membership Program

For those who live locally (or who visit Spain frequently), we also have a Treatment and Wellness Membership Program. For a monthly fee, members can pop into our clinic and avail themselves of any of the selected treatments, therapies, and remedies on their plan. We feel that committing to a membership and regularly reviewing and analyzing the state of your health will put you in the best position to actively take steps to resolve any problem before it becomes a major (or chronic) issue.

Our clinic, which is based in Torremolinos, is easy to get to and well-connected. Our international (and multilingual) team of doctors, naturopaths and health care professionals are skilled and ready to provide the best health care and advice.

So, whether you live locally or will be in the area soon, why not plan to spend a day (or more) at our clinic to rejuvenate your body and mind and give your whole system a little TLC.

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For more information or if you have any questions Contact us.

Note: These packages and memberships are flexible and can be adjusted according to your needs and preferences. If you prefer to pay in person on arrival at our clinic, contact us. 

How We Maintain Social Distancing At Our Clinic

In compliance with the Covid-19 protocol, we arrange appointments with patients in a way that ensures social distancing. We provide sufficient room for everyone in the clinic to move around our common areas, the waiting area, bathrooms, etc. appropriately.

Gloves, masks and hand sanitizers are provided upon entry by our staff. Our cleaning team frequently disinfects surfaces, door handles, and equipment.

We prefer that you to wash your hands upon arriving; hand sanitizers can be used freely during your stay. All these measures ensure that we keep ourselves and our patients safe.

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