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Natural Cancer Programs and Conventional Medication – Are They Compatible?

Countless people today are searching for alternative and natural cancer programs. This pursuit is understandable since the objective is a side-effect-free way to tackle their health problems. Many of the cancer patients that come to our clinic ask, “Now that I’ve started on the natural cancer program, should I continue taking my conventional medication?”

To find out watch this video and then keep reading:

Natural Cancer Programs and Conventional Medication – What You Should Know

A patient should never stop their medication instantly as that would be dangerous and counterproductive to their progress.

We at the Budwig Clinic, champion a combined approach to healthcare. Our in-clinic patients begin with a one to one consultation with a medical doctor. Then their condition is continually monitored throughout the program. The Budwig program is holistic and therefore treats not just symptoms, but their root causes. The goal is not merely to resolve an existing illness but to prevent future ones from occurring.

Work With Your Doctor

We encourage those starting the Budwig Program to check with their local doctor and let them know about the program and the different remedies they’re taking. Your doctor will no doubt want to monitor your progress and see if they can at least reduce the conventional medications as you go along. A careful and diligent follow through with your doctor is very important.

We understand that for many, the goal is to use a completely natural approach to recovering their health. However, as the body is going through the healing process, it’s often necessary to continue with the allopathic medicine for some time due to pain and other issues. So we urge you to work with your local doctor in this regard.

To learn more about the advantages of natural cancer programs, download the Budwig Guide. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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