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Budwig Clinical Program

€5800 or $5800 USD per week Includes the following:

Most people come for a minimum of 2 weeks, but for more advanced stages, they opt for 3 or 4 weeks.

(Note: Adjustments may be made to the program based on the Medical Consultation and the personalized analysis)

  • Medical Consultation.
  • Pulse / Cell Sonic Therapy that switches the electrical polarity of the cells.
  • FOUR-IN-ONE Holistic Treatment applied to balance the autonomic nervous system and locally to apply FIR heat on a diseased area.
  • Hydrogen Inhalation. 
  • Whole-Body Hyperthermia.
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. (minimum 10 sessions recommended).
  • Group Teaching Sessions (Budwig Guide and protocol is reviewed with questions and answers sessions) with detailed information on what foods to eat and what to avoid, recipes, meal recommendations, cancer research, and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Sessions of Par-Bio magnetics – restores proper pH levels of the body which leads to improved energy, elimination of fungi, parasites, and pathogens.
  • Daily inhalation of pine needle oil extract (for better circulation)
  • Total Body analysis using GSR, and VEGA CHECK AND TEST which includes Food Intolerance Testing. which is done at the beginning of the program and a comparative test is done at the end of the program (includes 5 – 6 remedies)
  • Budwig Recipe Book.
  • Foot Bath – For Lymph and Kidney detox therapy.
  • Emotional Rebalancing with EFT, EVOX, and Kinesiology.
  • Matrix Regeneration Therapy – For detox and balancing metabolism.
  • Food Intolerance Testing.
  • Frequency generator sessions– adjusted personally to each patient’s health needs
  • Herbal packs – For kidney and liver treatment
  • Cranial and sacral osteopathic adjustments and facia restoration
  • Spinal Realignment on the Jade massage bed with Far Infrared heat

Personalized Clinical Treatments

Following the medical consultation, the program is personalized. Depending on the type of cancer and your general physical condition, (allergies, ascites, strength, pain, past surgeries…etc.) it can be decided which therapies will be suitable for each patient as well as the duration and frequency of these.

You will receive personalized remedies and there may be added homeopathic remedies to the intravenous sessions or in aerosol form. We aim to do all that we can during your stay so that you notice a great improvement in your health, and we have a very qualified and capable team to do so.

Food, Lodging and Airport Pick-Up

A food pack is provided so that you can prepare the Budwig breakfast and lunches from Monday to Friday is included during your clinical program. You will only need to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables of your choice.  You will enjoy a variety of tasty and healthy foods in our kitchen for each day.  Also, if you bring someone to support you during your stay that person enjoys the food at no extra charge.

Lodging is separate.  However, as we live in a very popular tourist area there are plenty of affordable Airbnb and other types of lodging within a few minutes’ walk to our clinic.  Kathy who administrates the clinic will send you links to places nearby that you can review and research online.

Airport Pick-Up is not offered.  There was a time we offered this service, however with so many delays in flights our personnel had to spend many hours at different times of the days and even weekends to meet people coming at all different times.  This was expensive and not practical and was making it difficult to keep our clinical fees affordable.  Also, now we are only about 10 minutes from the Malaga International airport and so for about $20 you can catch an Uber, Bolt or Taxi who will take you right to your place of stay.  Please print out the exact address of where you are staying and simply show that address to the Taxi driver in case you get a driver who does not speak or understand English very well.