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Vega Test & GSR Scan (Health Day)


Vega test and GSR scan (remedies included) 

This package also includes a free session of Bioenergetic Restoration (value 70€)

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The purpose of this day of treatment at our clinic is to identify any underlying issues in our health. The Vega test and GSR scan, although not considered a medical diagnosis, identify sensitivities, tendencies developing as well as the contributing factors to degeneration in each person’s case, while also recommending personalized, natural, food and herb-based remedies. Learn more about the Vega Test here.

This package also includes a free session of Bioenergetic Restoration (value 70€).

The Bioenergetic Restoration session is very complimentary, adding more information about mental and emotional stress factors that have also become obstacles in our lives, not allowing our body to heal optimally or even causing sickness. (Please note that the session must be booked  on the same day as the Vega Test & GSR scan). Learn more about Bioenergetic Restoration here.

Who is this recommended for?

If you have nagging symptoms and want to get started on a treatment plan using a personalized and natural approach, this is where you want to start. You will receive 4 to 5 remedies to take for 30 to 40 days. You will learn breathing exercises and come out feeling like your internal “reset” button has been hit.


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