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Recreational Activities That Are Safe For Cancer Patients

Recreational Activities

Battling cancer can be challenging. The disease doesn’t only deteriorate the physical health, but mental and emotional health too. There are several recreational activities available to ease difficulties and pains and stimulate the body and mind. These activities help prevent boredom, self-pity, dissatisfaction, antisocial behaviors, anxiety, and even depression

Recreational Activities For You

To begin, watch the following video and then keep reading:

Puzzle Completion

Cancer treatments can lead you to lack of focus, and a lot of the time, confusion. Keeping your mental health in good shape is a must. Puzzling is a great way to exercise your mental health. Aside from critical thinking, you have the chance to move your body a bit. Huge or complicated puzzles are very amusing, hard to put up the pieces, and may take days but, very fulfilling. Cancer patients can build puzzles from time to time while playing classical music, which may help ease their minds. 

Adopting A Dog

Having a companion around is a must for cancer patients. Sometimes, you will feel lonely and bored. Every one around may seem busy, and you have no one to talk with. Adopting a dog can be fun, although there are some precautions, especially with their hygiene. Additionally, it would help if you took care of what they eat as there are some foods to avoid

Take a walk with your dog early in the morning to smell the fresh breeze of air. Or if your doctor doesn’t advise going for walks, you can play with your companion at home or in the garden. Buy them an indestructible toy too. They will love it.


If a cancer patient can do some physical activities, light gardening is a perfect recreational activity. Aside from the fact that plants are beneficial to physical health, gardening is also a relaxing hobby. It is lovely to see your plants grow, and if you are into fresh produce (which we highly recommend), you can eat your organic veggies. Digging soil with your hands and touching plants can give you a measure of calm. Plus, after a few weeks, flowers will start blooming, giving you a pleasant aroma. 

Indoor Golf

Indoor golf is a great way to get involved physically. You can put indoor golf at your home, or your lawn can be an excellent mini-golf course. 

Home golf simulators are also great for your home. You can even play with your loved ones, which is ideal for getting everyone to stay at home. Golf is an engaging sport that doesn’t require strenuous activities. Although if you are playing golf on the course, it requires a lot of walking. 


Writing or blogging is an excellent way to release your mental energy. By doing so, you can exercise your thinking capability and enhance your skills. You can start by sharing health your journey, your battles, your fears, your hopes, and a lot more. You can even build a network where you can get cancer survivors’ stories and how their stories will inspire people on the same boat. 

Note: If you or a loved one has a personal blog about their cancer journey, please share it with us. We would be happy to post the link on our Facebook page and share it with our followers.

We can also add other engaging activities like:

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Manual art
  • Reading (about something not related to cancer treatment)


Exercising is a great way to keep people moving and have something to look forward to. Setting your body goals lets you help to keep your focus. 

We recommend activities like:

  • Swimming in the sea or rivers
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Lifting lightweights


Recreational Activities and The Budwig Center

At the Budwig Center, we have a mini-trampoline to help boost the lymphatic system and stimulate the T-Cells produced by the thymus gland. Along with the recreational activities mentioned above, you can do daily exercises like walking, a great way to bond with your adopted dog. However, please consult your physician about starting an exercise program. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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