Pets can be an excellent companion, especially when we are ill. They can contribute to our emotional wellbeing. Many health professionals, such as psychologists, highly recommend having a pet. Taking the dog for a walk, for example, forces some people to be more mobile and to partake in physical activity.

However, we would like to highlight that these benefits may be stifled if pet hygiene is not taken seriously. It is imperative that the animal and its accessories are kept clean. Always wash your hands after touching your pet. And never allow an animal to jump or walk on surfaces where food is prepared or stored. It is equally important to deworm your pet often, at least once a year, depending on the animal. Parasites that live on animals with no noticeable problems may be harmful to us.

For this reason, pet hygiene must be a priority. If not, this beloved member of the family may become a risk factor that contributes to illness. Before starting on one of our cancer programs, we perform a full body analysis using the GSR scan and The Vega test. If the results show that you have parasites, we usually prescribe a natural blend of black walnut, cloves, and wormwood. This remedy effectively eliminates eggs, larvae, and adult parasites.

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