What Daily Exercise Should I Do?

Regular exercise is an integral part of health and vitality. You might be surprised to hear this, but one of the very best activities you can do that contributes to better health is total rest. Merely lie in bed or on the sofa for hours and days to recover your energy and health. ‘Pretend’ you have the flu and take a few days and lie around as much as possible. Your heart rate will slow down, and after a few days, you will notice a tremendous increase in energy. Along with leisurely walks, and eating lots of healthy food, extended periods of rest can do wonders for your entire being. Lie in the sun, or put a blanket down and lie on the grass under a tree or in a hammock, be outdoors as much as possible. Listen to gentle, soothing music which would help you be relaxed and quiet. The idea is to rest and sleep as much as you can until finally, you have had enough.

Some people try to get an exercise program going, but their body is just too tired, and they feel like they are forcing themselves, which can be very harmful. We advise that when someone has a severe illness first to take a few days or weeks off and focus on resting. Be horizontal as much as possible. Not just sitting in front of the TV but endeavor to relax the mind and soul.

Exercise: Walking and Swimming

Almost everyone can walk, and it does not require too much effort. Depending on the patient´s condition, age, and physical strength, walking between 10-30 minutes, preferably during the day. A recent study shows that ten minutes of brisk exercise triggers metabolic changes that last at least one hour.

Mini Trampoline (Rebounder)

The mini trampoline helps to stimulate the immune system, the circulatory and lymphatic systems, as well as the heart, muscles, and joints.

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