Health & Wellness Programs

health and wellness

Now more than ever, our society is beginning to realize how vital it is to care for our health and wellness. By taking our healthcare seriously we can do much to limit the impact of various viruses and illnesses. Furthermore, we can even go as far as preventing certain sicknesses and diseases from ever impacting […]

The Benefits of Staying Heart-Healthy


A recent study carried out in early 2021 showed that leading a heart-healthy lifestyle can lower the risk of heart conditions and even lower the chances of developing cancer later in life. The research showed that risk factors, such as smoking, dietary and lifestyle habits, are associated with cancer risk. The results of the study […]

How to Strengthen Your Immune System

immune system

The global pandemic has put a spotlight on health and the immune system like never before. While health professionals are doing their part by working tirelessly to find a solution, in the meantime, each one of us must do our part. How? By taking our healthcare seriously. This means much more than taking a recommended […]