Dear Mr. Jenkins, I will like to share this great news… I had my cat, lab, and mammography tests, and thank god, my family, and especially to you. I am doing very well, no more breast cancer, I feel great and I am very happy to know that breast cancer is no longer with me.

I am using all your vitamins you recommend me, avoiding all the wrong food, using the great machine 3 times a week and now I will like to use it 3 times per month to prevent unnecessary viruses and other illnesses. IMAGINE I am the only one who has not got cold or influenza in my family. Before I was constantly sick. I will like to ask you if I had to take forever and ever the cottage cheese with the flaxseed oil? and also I had a little bit high the prolactin hormone, how can I balance my hormones?

Perhaps, next year I will go to Spain to visit you. I am praying that will be possible and to thank you personally… Indeed you have helped me so much. God bless you always… I admired my husband he has been my great support and he is a medical doctor as well and he strongly believed in your treatment and has supported me 100%. I am honored to share my experience in your web, by the way, your web is just fantastic, it shows how mariposas Clinic is giving hope and cure to many of us.