My name is George, age 71, and I live in Massachusetts, USA. In Jan. of 2004, I came down with Bladder cancer. With frequent blood in the urine, I knew something was definitely not right with my body. I was examined in late Jan. and the Urologist found a tumor at the base of the bladder near the urethra. Subsequently, in late Feb., I had the tumor removed by cystoscopy. It was called a papillary transitional cell carcinoma grade 3/3 invasive into subepithelial connective tissue. At that time I heard about the AMAS blood test for detecting any evidence of all types of cancer in the body. So I decided to use this as a marker to keep track of any recurrence of cancer. Well to my surprise, every time I took the test (each month) the test results were all over the map..some good reports…some bad. I realized then it was not a reliable test to monitor cancer.

Compare Alternative Diagnostic/Screening Methods For tumor Detection and Follow-Up: AMAS (Anti-Malignin Antibody In Serum) Test. Around late May (2004) I heard of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and his enzyme therapy and at this time I started to have more blood occasionally in my urine. Dr. Gonzalez’s office is in NYC and I went to see him to start on his protocol. With 187 different types of pills to take each day, it was quite confusing at times. The main protocol was the Pancreatic Pork Enzyme and of course a strict Vegetarian Organic diet and his detox program. I did this until November of 2004. During this time while I was on this program, I was still bleeding and it was quite frequent toward the end of November with lots of blood clots. I called Dr. Gonzalez and told him I was terminating the program because it was not working for me. I’m sure it would have worked for other people, but not for me. He apologized and was sorry, and we parted. I decided that it was time for a Rectal MRI to see what was going on with my bladder. Well, the results were that I had a tumor the size of a plum near the urethra. Well, I was scared at this point. I didn’t want Chemotherapy or the Bladder removed and the doctors I went to all said the same thing…Chemo then Bladder removal.

In desperation, I had a book on cancer by Burton Goldberg and I sat down one day and Prayed with the book on my lap and I Prayed to God to guide my hand to the right page to help me regain my health and remove this tumor. Well, to my surprise, when I opened the book and looked at the page, the title I saw was FLAXSEED OIL. I’ve heard of flaxseed oil before but never put much emphasis on it. From then on I searched the internet for all the information I could get on Flaxseed Oil. I’ve talked with Cliff Beckwith, the Barleans people and I’ve also been on your [yahoo] site since I believe, Feb. 2005. Anyway, I started taking the flax oil & cottage cheese around mid-December 2004. (4 TBS flaxseed oil to 1/2 cup cottage cheese). I continued to follow an Organic Vegetarian Diet and juicing Carrots, Celery, and Apples.

I installed a reverse osmosis water system. I drank lots of Green Tea, ate white fish occasionally (once every 3 weeks), and lots of prayers from relatives, friends, and church groups. At this time I was doing guided imagery and lots of affirmations such as saying LIFE IN MY BLADDER because I felt at that time when I opened the cancer reference book that the only way to beat this affliction was to do it in a Holistic way…BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT. and believing with all your heart and soul that this will work.
The one sad part of this testimonial was with the mounting pressure from relatives to do the conventional method, which I buckled under to do the Chemo from mid-Jan. 2005 to early April 2005. It was terrible, but I continued with the flax oil & cottage cheese, but now with 8 to 10 TBS of flaxseed oil to 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and I included a drink of organic apple juice with freshly ground flaxseeds mixed in. Between those months (Jan-April) I had a Ct Scan that showed the tumor had shrunk by 2/3 size. I was overjoyed at this news knowing the flax oil & cottage cheese was working its magic. I stopped taking the Chemo around the 2nd week of April, much to the doctor’s dismay.

In May I had an MRI and the results showed no cancer but indicated a non-enhancing plaque-like area in the previously described area of the bladder tumor. These changes could be due to benign prostatic hypertrophy, but residual cancer cannot be excluded. Another CT scan in June (the last CT scan I’ll take) showed that part of the plaque had disappeared. My next MRI will take place in mid-Dec. 2005. I’ve had no incidence since late Feb. and I feel great. I feel confident that with constant prayers, guided imagery, and the Budwig Protocol, I will do just great. God Bless Johanna Budwig… she is an inspiration to all of us here.