Kathie Fitzpatrick, Breast Cancer

Kathie, Breast Cancer

Hello Budwig Staff:
I have a dramatic testimony that is medically documented as I have been seeing an oncologist at Northstar Cancer treatment center in Yakima Wa. USA since Sept. of 2014 until now. My stage three breast cancer that involved a high grade large tumor about 9 cm in the right breast is now all but dissolved and almost gone. I have dramatic before and after MRI reports. I can’t say that prayer by many people was not a big part of it, it was! But I was directed to use the Budwig protocol when I had never heard of it before. It brought amazing results.
Exciting. I went to having a 90 percent high grade cancer which was filling up 1/2 to 3/4 of the right breast in my first MRI in Sept. 2014 to having dramatic improvement in my latest MRI here the end of May. The surgeon told me that I was to have surgery then (Sept. 2014) it would need to be a mastectomy. The same surgeon, Dr. Bernfield was amazed at the new report. I only went back to him as a referral from my oncologist, Dr. Vicky Jones, as a comparison, and what would surgery look like today if I had any. However it looks like it is dismantling and going away!
Doctors these days do not know what to do when somebody’s cancer appears to be going away. He said he needed to talk to the radiologist. “IS HE SAYING IN THE REPORT IT IS GREATLY IMPROVING…IS HE SAYING IT’S NOT THERE? I’LL CALL YOU.” Then he promptly went on vacation for a week, so I have not heard back from him. When we parted he said that he hoped that it would keep shrinking.
“Right breast: The areas of marked signal alteration in the right breast that were present previously on 09/08/2014 are markedly less prominent on today’s study. There is no obvious skin thickening identified. We note that there is no evidence for any enhancing lesion in the retroareolar glandular pattern or the more posterior glandular pattern. Both of which have diminished significantly in signal size and content. There are no areas of abnormal enhancement in the right breast.”
I originally had a tiny lump, about 1/4 the size of a pea (5mm) which was spotted in an area of calcification. The large 9 cm one was not picked up on the mammogram at all, and had to be evaluated through ultra sound and MRI. So apparently both have diminished.
I also use mushroom complexes such as AHCC and Turkey Tail extract, and modified Pectin-C such as Pecstisol (eco Nugenics), but the Budwig Protocol has been the main core treatment. I take the mixture, 4 TBS flax seed oil to 1/2 cup of lowfat cottage cheese, I envelope Stevia, a few strawberries fresh or frozen. I often double or triple the recipe, blend well in the electric blender. Serve with blueberries or a little more fruit of choice. Wild blue berries are the most anti-oxidant, and can be obtained frozen through various venders. I drink green tea in the morning, plus a green tea supplement Tegreen, equivalent to 7 cups of green tea in one capsule (Nuskin)
I have not completely eliminated meat, but eat less meat and more steamed or raw vegetables and do juicing and vegetable drinks in the Nutri-Bullet. The meats are Buffalo, steaks or burger (no hormones) wild salmon, organic chicken or grass fed beef, no hormones. The meat is a small helping more green salads and veggies.
Kathie FitzPatrick


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