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Start of The Journey

I have just returned from spending two weeks at the Budwig Center. I have stage four esophageal cancer which has spread to the nodes and liver. It is too early to inform of progress (i will do as and when appropriate) but the early signs have been encouraging and Robin informed me on my leaving day that my acidity was lower than on arrival whilst my immune system was in better shape as well. The team in Malaga are superb and give you every reason to be confident in the whole process whilst speaking to others there for treatment was great for my positivity and general outlook.

I have my fingers crossed to be able to relay more positive feedback as the months go by.

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Victorino Angelino on August 8, 2019 at 10:22 pm

john connolly

Hi David Taylor can you give more details as to what exactly you have done over the last 2 weeks. and if you have had chemo prior.

I have T3 N2 M0 – have had 3 rounds of FLOT but started the Budwig early June and PET scan shows no cancer in lymphs and reduced 70% in tumour – I can eat without any difficulty now which was not the case 3 weeks ago – so interested to know your background and why you picked the Budwig Clinic – i hope you have the same good reaction that I have had

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