Dear Mr. Jenkins,

I am writing this testimony in behalf of those people who need a confirmation, that even the night is dark and threatening, there is a tomorrow with realistic hope in the future.

After all the relevant stomach cancer testing, I am cancer free again. Following my positive biopsy results in 04/2015, I was researching only alternative options. The Science based, proven complex approach of Dr. Budwig and Mr. Jenkins made me to put all my eggs into the basket of his distant healing program. Beside the World famous Budwig Diet, the organ specific detoxifications, and the multiple ways of immune system strengthening, it was the recommended emotional treatment, that helped me tremendously to keep my spirit up and to see the end of the tunnel. It is great to plan for the future after all these challenges at the 66.

I am writing this letter also to express my gratitude to Mr. Jenkins for his heart filled guidance and to his professional staff.

Now I am waiting for the crucial “Maintenance” Program to stay in remission for ever.

Agota Poros