“Thanks so much to all of you, the wonderful Budwig Team”


My name is Danuta Nowakowska. I would just like to say how much I admire all Budwig team for a very professional approach, devotion to their job, warm feelings toward the patients, and care they are taking for everyone coming to the Budwig Cancer Center. The Clinic is such a neat, clean, and well-equipped place.

I was diagnosed with grade III invasive ductal carcinoma in both of my breasts, so to me was like a sentence of death. I never was sick in my entire life. After talking to my doctors about conventional treatment plans, I got very scared and worried about my life.

I did not have to much time, so my research helped me to make the right decision – the Budwig Cancer Clinic. I called the Clinic and talked to Dr.Jenkins asking him for help. From the very first time I talked to him, I knew I was in good hands and in the right place. In February 2020, I started Distance Home Program, and after six months, I came to the Budwig Clinic for the rest of the treatments I couldn’t do at home.

Dr.Jenkins, Dr.Boiko, Kathy, Rob, David Stephany, Manuel took such excellent care of me not only physically but mentally also. I really appreciate it and am so happy. I’m feeling strong enough to fight to continue following the advice I received, and I feel I’m getting better every day.

Thanks so much to all of you, the wonderful Budwig Team, for putting me back on my feet and helping me to overcome my fear.

Diane from the USA.


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