The Benefits of Bach Flowers

Dr. Johanna Budwig was aware of the close relationship between emotions and our physical health. She appreciated that resolving emotional issues and trauma was crucial for the body to be able to heal. With this in mind, The Budwig Center gives much attention to each person’s emotions.

Bach Flowers Work in Harmony with The Budwig Protocol

Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), a doctor, bacteriologist, and homeopath from London discovered that certain flowers hold power to enable a person to manage their emotions, even deeply rooted emotional problems and imbalances.

In his practice, Dr. Bach discovered the importance of harmony between mind and body. He said that illness originates from inner conflict. To restore harmony, the conflict needs to be resolved; then the body can focus on healing itself. Hence, balancing emotions is essential to regaining your health.

There are 38 Bach flowers in total, which are divided into 7 groups of emotions: (1) fear, (2) uncertainty, (3) insufficient interest in present circumstances, (4) loneliness, (5) over-sensitivity to influences and ideas, (6) despondency and despair and (7) over care for welfare of others.

How Do They Work?

During the first three decades of the XX century, Dr. Bach dedicated his life to the study and investigation of the power of flowers. He tried a wide variety of flowers, many of which did not give any positive effect; some were even poisonous. The results of his investigation are the 38 flowers. Each of the 38 flowers corresponds to a mental or emotional state. There are so many potential combinations of flowers for different situations and personalities that all possible emotional states are covered so that there is no need for more than the 38 flowers.

In the case of acute mental and emotional states, the flowers have an almost immediate effect. They balance and bring emotions back to their normal state, restoring inner harmony. When Bach Flowers are used to treating emotions that are more deeply rooted or chronic, the balancing process takes longer. This is due to the nature of the flowers: they are very subtle and gentle. At the same time, they are very effective and safe. They work on an internal level, which is why the effect is not always noticeable on the surface. They balance the emotions little by little respecting each person’s pace.

Bach Flowers and Emotional Learning

The more a person understands his or her emotional imbalance, the more effect the flowers will have. Personal effort is also vital. The flowers do what you cannot achieve on your own. Naturally, it is imperative to choose the right flowers. If you do not use the flowers that correspond to your emotional state or personality, there will not be any effect.

At the Budwig Center, we will help you to choose the right flower or flowers. The Budwig Guide has additional information about each flower and a questionnaire that will help to determine which flowers would benefit you. This information is taught during our learning sessions at our clinic.

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