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4 Easy Ways To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

easy ways, boost, immune system, naturally

“Whenever the immune system successfully deals with an infection, it emerges from the experience stronger and better able to confront similar threats in the future. Our immune system develops in combat. If at the first sign of infection, you always jump in with antibiotics, you do not give the immune system a chance to grow

Is Baking Soda (Bicarbonate) An Effective Anti-Cancer Remedy?

Baking Soda

There is a lot on the Internet about how effective baking soda is as a remedy in the fight against cancer. For example, baking soda along with lemon juice has many benefits. Watch the following video for more information: Baking Soda – The Controversy However, there seems to be some controversy as to how to

Throat Cancer: Cancer of the Larynx, Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors

Throat Cancer, Cancer Larynx, Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors

Throat cancer is a general term used to describe cancer that affects the larynx, pharynx or tonsils. There are various types of throat cancer. All of these are the result of development and growth of abnormal cells. The most common type of throat cancer is the squamous cell carcinoma. This involves throat cancer of the

Testicular Cancer – Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors and Treatments

Testicular Cancer, Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Treatments

There is a pervading belief that testicular cancer only occurs when a man is advanced in years. In fact, there are many cases of middle-aged and even young men in their early twenties who have had to battle with this disease. Testicular cancer refers to cancer that forms in tissues within the testis. There are