Is Baking Soda (Bicarbonate) An Effective Cancer Supporting Remedy?

There is a lot on the Internet about how beneficial baking soda is for supporting cancer. For example, baking soda along with lemon juice has many benefits. Watch the following video for more information:

Baking Soda – The Controversy

However, there seems to be some controversy as to how to use the baking soda and as to just how effective it can be. So, we did some extra research on the use of baking soda. Here’s what we found:

According to Dr. Simoncini in his book Cancer is a fungus, he explains baking soda is most effective when it is in direct contact the tumor cells, the fungus or the diseased cells. Therefore, drinking the baking soda and water mixture would be ideal for throat, esophagus and stomach cancers, but would not be beneficial for other types of cancers, according to Dr. Simoncini.

With all other types of cancer, Dr. Simoncini uses an IV infusion of a bicarbonate solution. However, when we quizzed Dr. Simoncini about mixing baking soda with honey or molasses or maple syrup, he said no. This mixture does not work. The baking soda effectiveness is vastly reduced by the honey or other sweeteners. For more information on the baking soda and maple syrup mixture watch this video:

On the other hand, some argue that one should raise the pH to the ideal 7.0 to 7.4 pH and fight the diseased cells at the same time with baking soda. Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) is found in the blood naturally for the very real purpose of neutralizing acids. And in fact, people who live in areas of the world with high amounts of bicarbonate in their drinking waters have a strikingly decreased mortality rate and a decreased prevalence of the disease. Often terminally ill patients have an acidity level of 1,000 times more than normal healthy people.

Sodium bicarbonate is a natural non-toxic substance that does not require clinical trials for an assessment of toxicity. Spring waters contain bicarbonate ions which are coupled mainly with sodium, potassium, calcium or magnesium ions.

Cancer Prevention, pH Balance
If you have ever maintained a swimming pool, you will have had to verify the pH of the water on a regular basis and have had to add different chemicals to keep it at pH neutral. Our bodies are somewhat similar to a swimming pool, as it can contain from 70% – 80% water and our pH needs to be kept at 7.4 to be healthy.

At birth, our pH is slightly alkaline. The ‘perfect’ state of 7.4 pH is what we want to maintain to fight off chronic diseases. Excess acidity, such as 7.0 or even lower 6.7 pH is a condition that weakens all body systems.

Excess acidity forces the body to borrow minerals – including calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium – from vital organs, bones and teeth to buffer (neutralize) the acid and safely remove it from the body. When the body is mostly in an acidic state, it will suffer severe and prolonged ‘corrosion’ and unfortunately this condition may go unnoticed for many years.

Dr. Johana Budwig told her patients to take daily baths with sodium bicarbonate.

At Budwig Center, we put sodium bicarbonate in the bathrooms of the apartment our patients stay in so that they are able to do this as well. Anyone at home can do this treatment as well to help balance the pH of their body.

What About Taking Baking Soda Orally?

Although it helps balance the pH of one’s body, when someone has cancer, one must be aware to maintain adequate levels of potassium. Sodium bicarbonate being of the sodium family would not be for cancer clients to take orally because salt and foods with sodium push potassium out of the body. Adequate potassium levels will help a person with cancer maintain energy which is usually difficult. So in short, we would not recommend a person with cancer to make it a habit to drink baking soda to balance their pH. The Budwig diet in general consists of whole foods and healthy fats, making it equivalent to an alkaline diet.

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20 thoughts on “Is Baking Soda (Bicarbonate) An Effective Cancer Supporting Remedy?”

  1. While I am an admirer of Johanna Budwig, I have read that alkalosis (excessively high level of alkalinity) is far more dangerous than low alkalinity. Surely people should be warned about this, and told how to avoid raising alkaline levels higher than roughly 7.4 pH.

    1. Dear George,

      That is a very interesting comment. Yes, we have on rare occasions seen a patient with alkalosis but this is usually only because they have a Kangen water filter or similar device that is producing extremely alkaline water and they have been drinking it for many, many months. People do well to beware of either extremes but since the unbalance is so often in the other direction, acidosis rather, we have focused on explaining how to balance their pH and get a 7.4. Thank you for your interest and comment.

      Kind regards,
      Kathy Jenkins

    1. Dear Jacqueline,

      Taking baking soda on a daily basis to help keep the body’s pH neutral? The only problem with that approach is that baking soda is of the salt family and it could be an issue for people with high blood pressure. In addition, salt reduces the potassium levels in the body and more potassium is especially needed when a person has cancer. So we would not recommend daily doses of baking soda for a cancer patient.

      Kind regards,
      Kathy L. Jenkins

  2. Has anyone dealt with cancer and an autoimmune disease ? My team of doctors have no idea how to deal with both so my behcets is getting ignored and my (harmful pharma meds r on hold ). My Rhumatologist doesn’t know anything about behcets because it’s so rare . My old Rhumey retired . Im off most of the horrible.meds now I want to heal holistically with my intestinal cancer and behcets . Does this type of cancer deal with dental issues ? I recently had implants put in bc my teeth were ruined from years of meds . Noone knows if there’s a connection ? I’m so desperate for the right help and some knowledge of my disease combo . I’m 49 female from Canada with rare behcets(doctors ask if I have Mediterranean relatives) now cancer and in the middle of dental surgeries Any advice would be appreciated. I’m so scared .

    1. Dear Stephanie,

      Thank you for getting in touch with us through the blog as well as the online form. We have replied to you yesterday by email and Mr. Jenkins should be in touch with you today on the phone. Please check your spam folder if you didn’t see our email.

      Autoimmune disease actually originates in one’s gut so it is very closely related to the cancer diagnosis you have and treatment for the one will directly help the other. We have seen cases like yours before and since our treatments are integrative, focusing on helping the body regain its natural healthy state, when people receive this treatment for their cancer, they also see other health problems getting resolved so we are very confident that we can help you. Are you able to come to the clinic here in Málaga?

      Kind regards,
      Kathy L. Jenkins

    1. Dear Walter, we treat all types of cancer from the root cause and we use baking soda in baths to address the acidity in the body. We don’t encourage it internally for throat cancer or any type of cancer actually

  3. If you do a quick search on YouTube, you will find people who have posted videos of how they cured their cancer (also breast cancer) with only a mixture of baking soda combined with maple syrup/honey, on a 1:3 basis. 1 Teaspoon baking soda + 3 Teaspoons Maple Syrup/Honey/Molasses, stirred together on very low heat for about 10 minutes till fully combined. The understanding being, that cancer cells love sugar, so gobbles up the Trojan Horse Maple syrup which is laced with the baking soda. The baking soda then kills the cancer cells by alkalanising them directly. Consumption is as follows: 1 teaspoon of this mixture, 3 times a day for 30 days. I am about to try it out for the rather large breast lump I currently have. Years ago I discovered a small lump, refused the offered mastectomy, chemo, etc, and did my own research. I discovered the Budwig protocol and took that, along with juicing and cutting out meats, bread, dairy, etc. It worked. Fast! Within weeks the lump had shrunk to almost nothing and had stopped being sore or itching. I kept it up for several months, then stopped, as I thought the tumour was now dead. Now, 7 yrs later, the lump is back, and is rather large by now. Sore and itching. I ignored it when I rediscovered it again. Mistake. Now I will do the Budwig Protocol, etc again. But, I want to do the Baking Soda Protocol at the same time. Is that ok? Can I do the 2 at the same time, or will the baking soda protocol (above) in some way adversely affect the effectiveness of the Budwig Protocol?

    1. Can you use the Budwig Protocol with the Baking soda and Maple Syrup or Molasses?
      The quick and short answer is no. Dr. Johanna Budwig discouraged the consumption of any refined sugars which would include molasses and maple syrup. The theory behind the baking soda and molasses remedy is that because cancer likes sugar, the cancer will rush to get the sugar but then get destroyed by the baking soda. This concept began with the folk healer named Jim Kelmun who says that this simple home remedy can stop and reverse the deadly growth of cancers.
      Jim claims that he cured at least two people using this method and he goes on to mention how he discovered it in a family where five sisters all died of breast cancer except one who was for some reason was consuming maple syrup and baking soda. Jim also claims that out of 200 people he is treated 185 survived using this remedy
      I personally telephoned Dr. Tullio Simoncini in Italy who is the expert in using baking soda to treat cancer and asked him about this maple syrup and baking soda remedy. He said to me that baking soda needs to be a pharmaceutical grade baking soda and it needs to be injected directly into the tumor. He installs a catheter and then directly targets the tumor with high doses of liquid pharmaceutical grade baking soda. He was very dubious as to any oral consumption of baking soda
      So, I would say at most that the baking soda maple syrup or molasses remedy is controversial, and I really don’t see very much anywhere on websites of people claiming much success with this remedy. It seems to be risky to be consuming high amounts of refined sugar on a daily basis for several weeks or months not knowing for sure if it really is causing the cancer tumor to go away or grow bigger. And as it does not fit with the Budwig food approach we do not encourage it. And since there are so many incredibly effective and proven herbal remedies to add to the Budwig protocol, we would encourage you to use these and not take any risks.
      What about just taking baking soda on a daily basis to help keep the body more pH neutral? The only problem with that approach is that baking soda is of the salt family and it could be an issue for people with high blood pressure. In addition, salt reduces the potassium levels in the body and more potassium is especially needed when a person has cancer. So we would not recommend daily doses of baking soda

  4. Hi Kathy,
    I have breast cancer for the second time in a reconstructed breast. They said a cell must have been left behind. While trying to figure out what to do, it has grown to the size of my fist and hss come through the skin, which bleeds ( a fungating tumour). Do you think the Budwig protocol can still help me. The doctors want me to radiate my breast to stop the bleeding, then do another mastectomy, but I don’t want to go down this root if possible.

    1. Dear Lisa, the Budwig diet and protocol is helpful for a healthy person to prevent illness and obtain optimum health as well as for a cancer patient interested in proper cell oxygenation and avoiding toxins in their food and environment. In a specific case such as a bleeding tumor that has come through the skin, we cannot predict that the diet will be enought to turn things around. Dr. Budwig talked about the need to address emotional and stress factors, proper sleep, rest and hydration, baking soda baths, getting outside and close to nature daily as well as helping the body detox. We have rarely seen a tumor close to be honest. So even if you have another surgery, to avoid it spreading or coming back in the same place, a change must happen. Cancer is the body asking for a change! You may need some profesionnal help understanding what that may be and how to go about it. If you’d like that help from us, please contact us by email: [email protected]

    1. Dear Bharatbhai, thank you for contacting us with this question. To answer you with the most simple word, it would be: No.
      Baking soda ideally would be used in a liver cancer patient to do daily baths. Dr. Budwig taught us to examine the contributing factors to a person’s cancer and there are many aspects to address: the body’s capacity to detox, the way we handle stress and hurt, our nutrition, hydration and pathogens that are thriving when our immune system is weakened. If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you or someone you care for that has liver cancer with metastasis, please contact us directly: [email protected]

    1. Dear Chiranjeev,
      What we learned from Dr. Budwig’s philosophy was that we need to be addressing the reason the body is producing these cancer cells in the first place so that the body resumes correct DNA instructions leading to correct cell production. The reason cancer cells are produced are:
      -Toxins the body hasn’t been able to deal with and eliminate
      -weakened immune system from stress and lack of healthy habits (even lack of sleep)
      -malnutrition and lack of proper hydration
      -virus, bacteria, parasites and fungus’

      So this is what we are addressing with our clinical treatment and therapy. The main question is if you are able to come to bring your father to our clinic in Málaga. We would recommend a 2 week program minimum if possible. In that time we could address the causes of cancer in your body while weakening the tumor with 10 sessions of local hyperthermia on the area. If so , please get in touch with us by email: [email protected]

  5. Hello Kathy, I’m pretty sure I have prostate cancer, PSA is 15. The number has gone up slowly for the last 15 years, I’m 76 years old and have no issues. I tried the Budwig Protocol several years ago and just can’t take cottage cheese with the flaxseed. Is there anything else I can use with the flaxseed? Thank you. Rich

    1. Dear Richie, thank you for contacting us about your condition. Good that you are starting with the diet. Dr. Johanna Budwig did much more than feed her patients this recipe. The whole idea of the diet she outlined was to support the organism with minimal toxins, alkaline type food and natural food our bodies can use and digest easily. So the rest of the diet would be something you should try. Then, additionally, if you are worried about illness the best thing to do is look at the factors that contribute to illness in the body. We talk about this in the Free Guide we offer as an e-book and we can help you more with this if you are interested in what we do at the clinic. Please email us: [email protected]

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