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Natural Alternative Cancer Clinic Featuring The Budwig Diet

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Budwig Recipes For Your Daily Nutrition

Budwig protocol, budwig recipes

Budwig Protocol, Budwig recipes for your daily nutrition Continuing with our series of blog posts related to recipes to help our readers enjoy delicious food while following the Budwig protocol and diet, we want to provide you with some ideas for lunches. Remember that at lunchtime your digestive power is at its best! This is

The Incredible Health Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconuts oil, Health benefits

The Incredible Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil Do you enjoy the taste of coconuts? If you do, you’ll be happy to know that coconuts are very good for you. The people of Tokelau in the South Pacific obtain 60% of their calories from coconuts and as a people are known to have excellent health

Krill Oil: The Number One Source of Quality Omega 3 Essential Oil

Krill Oil, Omega 3, Essential Oil

Fats – the Good and the Bad Not all fats are bad. In fact, there is one type of fat that is absolutely essential for our health. Having said that, refined trans fats such as in margarine and popular cooking oils sold in large supermarkets are very dangerous for your health. All deep-fried foods use

Budwig Center Warning: 93% of Plastic Water Bottles Contaminated

Budwig Center, Water Bottles Contaminated

Plastic water bottles are everywhere. For many years, the Budwig Center has been warning their patients about the dangers of chemical-laden plastics. Why? Because they can wreak havoc with our hormones and general health. What Studies Reveal About Plastic Water Bottles A new study by Orb Media and State University of New York at Fredonia has confirmed that