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Trends in Cancer Treatment: Are Patients Looking Towards Alternative Medicine?

Cancer patients all over the world are seeking alternative medicine to treat and deal with cancer as opposed to undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Patients are turning to alternative treatments that have less painful and negative impacts that prescription treatments prescribed by oncologists do. There is an abundance of alternative cancer treatments available for patients that want to try this method of treatment.

Though alternative methods of cancer treatment are not yet backed with extensive scientific medical knowledge, they are increasing in popularity. It’s important to note that it’s still important to talk to your oncologist about the kinds of treatment you are undergoing to treat your cancer and to continue to go to regular checkups with your oncologist. Below are some forms of alternative medicine that cancer patients are gravitating towards.

A Natural Approach to Cancer Treatment

Cancer patients are turning towards natural approaches to treat cancer; these approaches mainly include herbal medicine and dietary treatments, along with a few other natural remedies. Cancer patients of all ages are beginning to practice natural methods to treat cancer because of the few side effects that come along with them, allowing them [the patients] to still get the most out of life despite their diagnosis. At Budwig Center, we use the GSR scan to select the personalized natural remedy and dosage.

A source from a senior living community in NJ pointed out that residents that practice natural treatments for their cancer seem to be getting an improved quality of life. Here are some of the natural remedies that cancer patients of all ages, all over the world are turning to treat and get their illness under control:

Cell Electrohydraulic Therapy

Our body is “electric,” and each cell has a positive and a negative charge, just like a battery. Tests show that healthy cells have a membrane potential of about -60 to –100mV as opposed to -15mv in cancer cells.

Therefore, from a scientific point of view, cancer is a developmental disorder of cell regulation, where there is a loss of the organizational capacity of the surrounding environment. There is also a weakening of the electrical charge of diseased cells, due to chemical toxins in our food, air, and water. Strong negative emotional turmoil was also found to be a contributing factor in the case of people with cancer.

These discoveries led to the creation of Cell Electrohydraulic Therapy.

The Cell Electrohydraulic therapy device switches the electrical polarity of the cells back to the correct alignment. Then, when cells replicate, instead of copying mutant rogue cancer cells, the cells replicate themselves correctly. The electrical properties of cancer cells are the clue to this treatment.

Several hundreds of cancer patients have been treated naturally and regained their health with Cell Electrohydraulic treatments along with other supportive therapies.  Professionals who use the device in harmony with the correct protocol, claim they have success with all types of cancer in all areas of the body and in a very short period of time!

Herbal Medicine Options

Herbal medicine options are perhaps the most common natural forms of cancer treatment. Some plant extracts have been found to have anti-cancer effects and have been turned into chemotherapy alternatives; these plans include vincristine from the periwinkle plant and taxanes from the yew tree. Depending on the type of cancer, herbal medicine options vary. Additionally, there are various options and kinds of natural treatments for each form of cancer.

Below are two herbal medicine options that treat a variety of different kinds of cancer and provide various benefits.

Frankincense Essential Oil Therapy

Frankincense has been linked to aiding in the treatment of a variety of cancers, including ovarian, skin, and breast cancer. More research is needed to confirm the claim that frankincense does, in fact, cure cancer; however, it has been proven to kill cancer cells and prevent them from spreading and growing. This is due to the Boswellia acids that it [frankincense] contains.

In terms of treating cancer, frankincense oil works best when simply diluted and ingested.

Dietary Treatments

Incorporating different foods into a person’s diet can provide a natural treatment for various kinds of cancer, here are some dietary treatments that can positively impact cancer patients:

Probiotic Foods

Similar to the impact of Gerson Therapy, probiotic foods have not been proven to cure cancer; however, they have been proven to alleviate pain in patients because they promote such a healthy digestive tract. Ingesting probiotic foods and liquids such as yogurt, kefir, kombucha, and tempeh are great ways to rid the body of toxins. Probiotic foods are especially beneficial to patients that have recently undergone chemotherapy.

The Budwig Protocol

This easy to follow dietary treatment is beneficial to cancer patients and healthy individuals alike. The idea behind this protocol is to eat smart, natural, and clean. Some of the main focuses of the Budwig Protocol include:

  • Replacing refined sugars with natural sweeteners such as honey or fruits
  • Reducing dairy intake
  • Switching to a gluten-free or low-wheat diet
  • Reducing animal proteins and animal-derived oils

This diet will promote all-around good health, making a person as healthy as can be given their cancer diagnosis. To learn more about this diet, click here.

Don’t forget to Download our FREE Budwig Guide to learn more about the incredible benefits of the Budwig Diet.

Other Homeopathy Methods

There are other holistic and homeopathic methods when it comes to cancer treatments. The goals behind homeopathic cancer treatments are to lessen pain, improve over-all well being, and prevent the spread of cancer. Here are some other natural therapies that cancer patients are gravitating towards:

Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy

Proteolytic enzymes are enzymes that help with protein digestion, immune function, and other vital processes. These enzymes are crucial for overall-well being; they are specifically found in papaya and pineapples, or they can be taken in the form of a supplement. Consuming/ingesting more proteolytic enzymes have been known to lessen pain in cancer patients because they aid in inflammation and promote healthy recovery.

Alternative Medicine For Cancer Treatment

Though there is not enough research to confirm that alternative medicine can completely restore a patient from cancer, alternative and natural treatment can alleviate pain, allowing a person to get better quality out of life despite his or her diagnosis. If you or a loved one has cancer, looking into one of these methods could be worth your while. Alternative cancer treatments feature little to no side effects, and could potentially slow down the spread of cancer/tumor growth. Stay up to date with the latest news and alternative cancer treatment breakthroughs.

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