Naturopathy – For Cancer And Chronic Illness

What is Naturopathy?

Natural medicine, also called naturopathy, is considered to be a support to conventional medicine. Naturopathy is the art of healing through nature´s force by applying techniques that are not used in traditional medicine. The therapies used aim to restore and stimulate the organism, with the purpose of prevention of the disease. This differs from conventional medicine, which has the typical procedure of waiting until the disease is fully developed, followed up with the use of drugs or surgery.

The top priority of naturopathy is not to afflict the patients’ health further; this implies using the least aggressive natural methods while still being the most effective.

Naturopathy seeks to treat the ill, not the illness. Each patient will have a unique approach, as all bodies are different, and will respond to treatments distinctively. The principal concern of the professional naturopath is the wellbeing and restoration of the patients’ balance. The therapies and solutions offered are aimed to address the cause of the pathology and, in doing so, help the body’s own healing power to work at its best.

What is Phytotherapy?

Phytotherapy is the use of medicinal plants for therapeutic purposes. This practice is ancient. Countless cases highlight the benefits, and numerous research papers have acknowledged that many plants do have curative principles.

Scientific progress has allowed us to extract the alkaloids (the active ingredient) that plants contain. The main advantage of natural medicine over drugs is that plants are usually not toxic, have less secondary effects, and has a global impact on the body, with many more indicated for prevention, unlike traditional medicine.

Medicinal plants can be applied and prepared in different ways, such as; therapeutic oils, which are usually used externally and are confectioned by maceration of a plant in a liquid containing alcohol. Essential oils and plant infusions can be used to inhale or in vapor baths; this is not only healing but also pleasant. Packs that have been previously immersed in a liquid preparation to be used topically and combined with heat are usually used to reduce inflammation and soothe pains. Other common uses of phytotherapy are Infusions, capsules, elixirs, and even enemas.

At the Budwig Center, we have a Naturopathic practitioner consulting alongside with the doctor to ensure the patients get the best of both worlds.

Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine

The most well-known and ancient forms of natural medicine are Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. We incorporate the knowledge and studies of these two forms of medicine at Budwig Center. Ayurveda means Life (Ayur) y knowledge (Veda), which stands for knowledge or science of life. It recognizes different patient’s metabolism and thus personalizes and adjusts the recommendations, intensity, and even food plan accordingly. Chakras, or energy points that are unblocked help the body’s natural energy to flow freely and thus feel more balanced.

In Chinese medicine, meridians, or energy points are identified throughout the body as well and unbalances in these are related to either physical and biological reasons or mental stresses. Treatment can be done with needles, as is done with acupuncture, breathing techniques, and simply recognizing the link between the cause of our unbalances and our physical condition to give our bodies the answers it has been “requesting” with a given symptom.

Manual Naturopathy

As months and years go by, and one tries to live a “normal” life with a chronic illness, stresses and worries can make our body feel “heavy” at times, and it can be challenging to feel relief and positivity. There are a few things that can help us change this condition, and at the Budwig Center, we help you with these using an integrative approach.

Even though the illness isn’t contagious, often, there has been less physical contact with loved ones, and this only adds to the stress and feelings of loneliness. We offer manual therapies to relieve stress and help you feel well again, hopeful and present. Here are some benefits:

Reflexology or Chi-feet therapy:

  • Stimulates healthy organ function
  • Helps promote relaxation and a calm mind
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage and better circulation
  • Relieves and regulates the nervous system
  • Helps retrieve the body’s own vital energy to stimulate the immune system

Cranial Hindu massage:

  • Brings a sense of balance and flow of energy
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Helps one have more mental clarity and self-esteem
  • Elevates energy levels and vitality
  • Improves circulation
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Alleviates muscle tension, headaches, and visual fatigue
  • Promotes hair growth

Volcanic Rock treatment:

  • The rocks themselves contain high levels of iron, zinc and vitamin E
  • Helps with the reconstruction of the skin cells
  • Oxygenation and firming of the skin
  • Helps stiff articulations and restless legs
  • Stimulates better circulation and muscle relaxation
  • Helps to eliminate liquids and toxins retained in the body
  • Creates balance in the nervous system

Relaxing massage:

  • Relieves stress, pain, and tired muscles
  • Helps the body produce dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin

Naturopathy And You

Illness can often make a person feel like a victim. It can be lonely, and many isolate themselves from others when their situation becomes chronic. When we look at the body and the condition with the knowledge of natural medicine, we can realize that illness can be a blessing. Yes, a lesson, a way to identify our priorities, most relevant and profound needs, as well as our “true” selves that could have been buried or covered up for so long, in the fear that if seen, we would not be loved and/or accepted.

Want to find out how natural medicine can help you? Contact us and request a phone consultation.

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