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Apricot Seeds & The Budwig Diet

Apricot Seeds

Are apricot seeds, which are rich in Vitamin B 17, compatible with the Budwig Protocol?

The straight answer is: only in very small amounts, 1 or 2 per day, ideally. Dr. Budwig approved of all nuts and seeds as part of the food plan. However, apricot seeds are not recommended in high doses as the cyanide they contain puts a heavy burden on the digestive system.  

The digestive tract houses 70% of the cells that make up your immune system. When a person is chronically ill and dealing with cancer, their digestive tract is usually not working very well. Therefore, handfuls of apricot seeds would further tax the digestive system. 

Apricot Seeds And Your Health

Many people have reported that after just one handful of apricot seeds, they felt very sick. That was because the body cannot easily break down these seeds in their digestive tract. 

Some people encourage the consumption of 50 or more apricot seeds a day to reverse cancer. However, our research and experience show that it does not work. Some people have claimed they got better after consuming apricot seeds. However, we suspect that improvement was mainly due to their lifestyle changes and other dietary modifications and detoxification that made the main difference.

Our research has shown that for Apricot seeds to work when dealing with cancer; you need to take a liquid form of the B17 Laetrile that the apricot seeds contain. To get the therapeutic amount required to make a difference in cancer treatment, you would need to eat about 13,000 apricot seeds a day! Therefore just eating a few apricot seeds would not be a problem; however, we do not believe it will make much of a difference because of this research.

However, like any seeds, we add them to our diet occasionally. There have been many positive reports that people feel better when consuming them. We recommend not eating too many to prevent developing an intolerance and, like any other seed, soak them before eating them, to digest them easier. Do not rely on them like a remedy or treatment, but rather as another part of a healthy diet, which is one of our health pillars.

Dr. Budwig favored herbs for healing, and the Budwig Center has excellent results from using a variety of selected herbs. One of the most effective is our “Nerium Herbal Formula” that does not burden the digestive tract and immune system. 

Instead, it enhances the immune system, causes natural cancer cell death (apoptosis), and inhibits angiogenesis, causing metastasis. 

The Budwig Diet

If you frequent our website, you will already know the incredible benefits of the Budwig Diet and Keto-Budwig Diet. To learn more, we encourage you to download our FREE guide, which is packed with all the info you need to get started on this diet and food plan. Additionally, follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with our latest tips on how to improve your health and eat well.

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