Budwig Center Tips – Precautions to Take When Brushing Your Teeth

brushing teeth

This post was published back in 2013. For an updated version published in 2020, see our article: How To Take Care Of Your Teeth And Mouth

Precautions to take when brushing your teeth:

Something so simple and common like brushing our teeth is often considered to add years to our lives if done properly and if accompanied by flossing. This is why Budwig Center wants to encourage its readers to beware of the water used when brushing their teeth. Just as we should not drink tap water, having pure spring water or filtered water will not only save us from the bad habit of wasting water when we brush our teeth but will also help us avoid ingesting tap water which contains fluoride, chlorine and other harmful substances depending on where we live.

We also strive to find natural toothpaste. These are not found in the common supermarkets, unfortunately. When purchasing a toothpaste we recommend reading the label to make sure it does NOT contain fluoride. If it is sweetened with stevia or xylitol it will be safe but commercial toothpaste actually contains sugar! If you are taking homeopathic remedies you will also look for a toothpaste that does not have mint since this is a plant that cancels out the effects of homeopathy. Since flossing is a healthy habit that many don’t take time to do, a water pic or similar device can be recommended for daily deep cleaning between the teeth.

These are just a few helpful suggestions we hope our readers will appreciate.

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