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Cancer Patients Usually Have Severe Potassium Deficiencies


A severe on-going lack of potassium can trigger cancer development.  Researcher found that low potassium levels contribute to improper cellular functions.  Without proper cellular function it is very hard to prevent and reverse cancer.  Therefore, the Budwig Center believes that all cancer patients need to keep their potassium levels high.

After more than 20 years of treating cancer, our research at our clinic points to chemical toxins as the main cause of cancer.  Interestingly when healthy cells are weakened by toxins, the first thing they lose is their potassium levels.   Next, the cells will take up more salt (sodium) and to restore the cells to normality the cells would often swell up with abnormal amounts of water and becoming “waterlogged”. The end results were that such harmed cells are now extremely vulnerable to diseases such as cancer and other chronic illnesses.  Because of the lack of electrolytes such as potassium, cancer can now freely take over and have its way with the body.

The Benefits of Proper Potassium Levels

  • Helps prevent and treat all types of cancer by lowering the sodium (which cancer likes) and increasing the potassium which enables our body to function properly and not develop damaged rogue cells.
  • Helps control your blood pressure as it removes extra sodium from your body through your urine and as we know too much sodium can cause high blood pressure.
  • Potassium also helps the walls of your blood vessels to relax or loosen up. Tense or rigid blood vessels can also lead to high blood pressure.
  • Promotes good muscle and nerve health. Potassium helps your muscles flex or contract the way they should, and your nerves need potassium so that they can work well.
  • Helps promote normal bowel movements.
  • Good potassium levels help to maintaining sustained energy levels.

How Much Potassium Daily?

Some recommend 3,700mg of potassium for the average adult daily and other experts say we need approximately 5,000 mg/daily.  Children need about half that amount. If you feel tired or weak, having difficulty with normal bowel movements, muscle cramps and in some case and irregular heartbeat, these could all be telltale signs of a lack of potassium.  Adults with cancer patients should aim for 7000 to 8,000mg of potassium daily to really push out the excess sodium in the body.  This is not easy to do by just consuming foods rich in potassium, therefore a potassium supplement is recommended when treating cancer. 

Potassium in large quantities is totally safe in a “powder” form but we do not recommend any potassium in pill form, because the pills can get stuck in your throat or against the lining of your stomach, then slowly open up and burn the soft tissue which can allow the potassium to get into your bloodstream…that can be dangerous. Potassium in your digestive system is not a problem when mixed in a liquid because it will never be concentrated enough to perforate the soft tissue.  It can be mixed into juices and smoothies and has no unpleasant taste.

spinach- anticancer

Potassium Chloride or Potassium Citrate?

In treating cancer and to maintain good potassium levels, potassium chloride is usually prescribed.  If you have kidney stones, then potassium citrate, is recommended. This medical condition can be caused by the presence of uric acid or calcium in excessive amounts in the blood. Apart from treating kidney stones, potassium citrate is often used in the treatment of heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, diarrhea etc. Potassium chloride should be taken with water or juice. But potassium citrate should be consumed with a meal. Potassium chloride does not cause serious medical issues, whereas potassium citrate pills can cause serious illness.  Only consume any form of Potassium in powder form.  Most health shops and online stores only sell potassium capsule form, which you must avoid. The Budwig Center provides Potassium Chloride powder with the “Tumor Removal” protocol to all its patients along with appropriate amounts of collagen, iodine and citrus extracts to remove the protective fibrin coating around cancer cells and tumors that prevents the immune system from disabling them.  1/8 Teaspoon of Potassium per serving = 1630mg

How To Increase Potassium Levels Naturally

Dr. Budwig promoted a vegetarian type of diet, and many fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in potassium.  She also feed her cancer patients low fat Quark (Cottage cheese) mixed with flaxseed oil twice a day and both these foods are high in potassium (low-fat or fat-free is best).

If you consume daily 1 baked sweet or red potato, 2 servings of Cottage cheese (or Quark) with flaxseed oil, 1 cup of raw celery, 1 banana, 3 TBPS of Wheat Grass, 1 avocado, 1 cup of cooked or raw spinach, ½ cup tomato puree/sauce, ½ cup of white beans, 1 cup of greens in a smoothie or juice along with some other fruits and vegetables you will consume approximately 6500mg of Potassium. If you add 1 teaspoon of Potassium Chloride to juice or water, you will reach the 7000 or 8000mg daily target.  Here are some other foods to add to your meals:

  • 1 cup cooked beet greens = 1,320mg
  • 1 Baked Potato 926mg
  • 1 medium size sweet potato = 950mg
  • 1 cup of cooked spinach = 839mg (1 cup of raw spinach = 558mg)
  • ½ cup of dried apricots = 750mg
  • 1 Avocado = 700mg
  • 6 Tablespoons of Flaxseed oil = 680mg
  • ½ cup dried prunes = 650mg
  • 2 Tablespoons Wheat Grass (powder or juice) 640mg
  • ½ cup of tomato puree = 530mg
  • 1 cup plain nonfat yogurt = 500mg
  • ½ cup white beans = 477mg
  • 1 banana = 400mg
  • 1 cup low fat Cottage Cheese/Quark = 400mg
  • 1 cup raw celery = 260mg
  • 1 cup raw watercress = 330mg
  • 1 cup blueberries = 113mg
tassium levels

Possible Side Effects

Do not overdose on potassium even in the powder form as it can cause issues in the stomach, abdominal pain, nausea, tendency of vomiting, acidity etc., so if you experience any of these symptoms reduce the amount of potassium intake

Budwig registered “Patients” please go to “Patients Area” for information on the recommended MCP, Thyroid Extract and Potassium/Iodine remedies, dosage, instructions and suppliers.

If you are not a patient of the Budwig Center, and would like to receive help in treating cancer for you or a loved one, please email us

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