Many patients looking for treatment in private clinics when a serious illness is diagnosed, such as cancer, are faced with the challenge of financing the cost of said treatment. Not everyone has the funds to pay for the treatments they are choosing. Clinics usually accept credit card payments and this helps. Standard ways to get credit like bank loans are also an option but if the conditions offered by the lending entity are not interesting for you here are some ideas we hope will help you when wondering what else you can do to raise the funds needed.

The most common way to raise funds no matter where you live is through charitable contributions or Crowd-funding. The way it works is that a collective group is financing the total sum requested without asking for anything in return. Each person donates what they are able to towards the cause described. This was developed initially by people small business projects and to this day has evolved and become a common way for people to get the funds they need for financial operations, medical treatment, financial emergencies, education or anything else life might throw at one.

We will discuss the platforms for such crowd-funding that are used for requesting medical treatment since Budwig Center’s program to treat cancer patients with natural medicine and natural therapies are not affordable to all.

Which Crowdfunding platforms should I use when I need funds for a Natural Cancer Treatment?


Is likely the most well-known and even includes a mobile app which makes using it very simple and allows one to keep tabs on the funds being donated in real time. Email support is offered as well as thank you notes to members that donate. Here is an explanatory video on how to use it:

How much does it cost to use GoFundMe?

Nothing is asked for upfront as the commissions are taken on the donations received. The commissions are 8,55% of the donation plus 0,25€. It is important to calculate how much money you need to raise including the commissions so that you are able to finance the treatment you want. You can take out the funds as they come in and nothing will happen if you don’t reach the goal of fundraising.

Deposit a Gift

This is another platform which was initially set up to give presents in cash from a group to 1 person and with time has turned into a popular crowd-funding platform.

Here is a video explaining more about it:

How much does it cost to use Deposit a Gift?

This platform has different types of functions depending on your needs. Some have a fixed commission of 3,5% plus 2%, 3% or 4% depending on your choice and then there is an additional 49$ for a Full Service or 149$ for a Total Control type.


Together with GiveForward is a platform that is used by people that need funds for medical treatment and personal matters.

How much does it cost to use YouCaring?

The cost of each transaction is 2,9% per transaccion plue 0.30$


Very similar to YouCaring and have actually merged recently. Same system and the costs are not explained online so we are assuming that with the fusion they have the same commissions as YouCaring.

Advice to create your Crowdfunding account when you need funds for a natural cancer treatment

Use images and videos. The first impression is what counts and for your campaign, what will move readers the most are pictures and videos of the person in need of treatment. If you don’t have any good ones take new ones. Most phones now are modern enough to have a good camera to take decent pictures and videos. Chose a place with good lighting and if making a video, add musing or make sure the sound is clear if there will be speaking.

What to write

Use a title that says it all in a simple way. For example Marie’s fighting cancer. Write in a sincere and clear manner so that people understand what they are paying for and why you are asking for their help with donations. Resume what you need and be direct and brief.

Time to share it!

Next, you can use social media to share it with your friends and family and ask these to share it as well. Facebook is the most popular social media page to use. The more people see it the more chances you have of reaching your goal and with minimum effort.

Update your profile

Remember to update the profile and platform so people that have donated can know how you are doing. Send thank you and even expressions of how you have been feeling through this process of using the crowd-funding. After donating people will be interested in knowing if your health has improved as well thanks to the treatment you have had.

Others raise the money without this online platform but doing fund-raising with food, entertainment, and other innovative methods. The Budwig Center does not recommend any fund project in particular; however, this is another good option to explore and we feel inclined to help patients look for the resources they might be able to use.

The Budwig Center has made a concerted effort to keep their programs fees as low as possible without compromising the quality of our products, remedies and therapies. Wages in Spain are lower than most of the developed countries and our facilities are clean and well-equipped yet modest and minimalistic. We have Home Distance programs that start at less than $2000 for people that are low on funds and are not able to travel to our clinic.

Options for North Americans with Life Insurance:

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