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Heavy Metals and Chemicals: What Effect do They Have on Your Health?

Good health is often the contribution of many factors. The same can be said of bad health. Living in a toxic world takes its toll. One of the leading factors that contribute to fatigue, exhaustion, fibromyalgia, heart disease, and other autoimmune disorders is a heavy metal and chemical intoxication. But, as it was once so eloquently put, “Knowing is half the battle.”

That’s why at the Budwig Center we include a comprehensive heavy metal test in our programs. But you may wonder, are we really exposed to anything that could be considered a worrying level of heavy metals and chemicals in daily life? Consider the current data:

Common heavy metals such as aluminum are now a menacing part of our day to day, found in deodorants, aluminum cookware, beer in cans, soft drinks in cans, aluminum coffee pots; some anti-acid formulations; and even various types of cosmetics.

How about chemicals? A study recently published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine claims asthma is more common among women regularly using chemical house cleaning products and that the declines in lung function were comparable to those seen in people with a pack-a-day cigarette smoking habit.

Arsenic, a star player in many Agatha Christie novels, is commonly used today in the production of pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides and is still added to animal food (mainly in the U.S. grown industrial poultry and swine production) as a method of growth stimulation and disease prevention.

Next up, is Nickel, which is found in cigarettes (2 to 6 mcg Ni per average cigarette), diesel exhaust, and even some foods, especially: cocoa, chocolate, soy products, nuts, and hydrogenated oils.

Our testing equipment will also detect tin, uranium, barium, bismuth, cadmium, lead, and mercury.

Why Detox on a Regular Basis

Since toxins are the leading cause of cancer as well as a host of other common diseases, our approach at the Budwig Center is to do a full detox and then incorporate a detox program at regular intervals. It makes no sense to put high-quality food supplements and organic food into our bodies without first (or at the same time) cleaning out heavy metals and chemicals.

The key to any successful detox program is in looking at the quality of our current diet. Cutting out the daily intake of toxins in the form of highly processed foods, soft drinks (fizzy drinks), convenient pre-packaged snacks and store-bought cakes and cookies will give our bodies a fighting chance. Combine those efforts with replacing cleaning and body care products loaded with chemicals with natural organic products, and we have ourselves a firm foundation to begin building up and reinforcing our health.

Do you want to maximize the results? Switch to a healthy diet of fruits and veggies, whole grains, and healthy proteins specifically from plant sources, including nuts, seeds, spirulina, and legumes. One of the most significant steps one can take to improve their health is to become a vegetarian.

Putting the ‘Delicious’ into your Detox

First, let’s start at the beginning….coffee. But not just any coffee! A fresh cup of organic coffee, as opposed to regular coffee. Regular coffee beans, along with tobacco, are sprayed with more chemicals than any other product consumed by humans.

Next, increase your intake of natural detox foods, such as grapefruit, Brussels sprouts, berries, and beets. Grapefruit juice was found to be incredibly effective in bumping up the levels of liver enzymes involved in detoxification. Brussels sprouts have also been shown to boost liver health and enhance detoxification. In fact, one study published in Carcinogenesis showed that daily, eating just 300 grams of brussels sprouts, was able to increase levels of detox enzymes by a whopping 30 percent.

Chia seeds and nuts are also excellent for proper nutrition and detoxification. Studies show that eating more nuts enhances liver enzyme levels and is linked to a lower risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Both factors maximize your body’s detoxifying potential.

Brazil nuts are rich in selenium. You need about 4 to 5 of these a day for your adequate amount of selenium. Selenium helps your body produce glutathione, a mighty antioxidant important for heavy metal detoxification.

Replace regular table salt with natural Celtic or Himalayan salt. If you suffer from high blood pressure or fluid retention, make the switch to herbal salt replacements. Seasonings like cumin, basil, parsley, and paprika can bump up the flavor of your foods while also providing a host of powerful health benefits.

Supplements that Help Detoxify

Nutrients like Chlorella, Spirulina (which offers 20% more protein than meat), activated charcoal, Selenium, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), Liposomal Glutathione, milk thistle, d-ribose, acetyl-L-carnitine, and alpha-lipoic acid are all part of the supplements the Budwig Center recommends to patients. Using our personalized approach, we determine which would be the most effective for detoxification for each patient.

Sleep: The Essential Ingredient for Good Health

Most of us need at least 8 hours of sleep daily, so our body can heal and restore itself. At the Budwig Center, we use a variety of remedies, lifestyle changes, and a magnetic unit to help people who suffer from chronic insomnia.

Stay Active to Stay Young and Healthy

Good food, adequate rest, and exercise are the three pillars to good health. Exercise makes you feel happy, improves your muscles and bones, increases energy levels, reduces the risk of chronic diseases, helps your brain and memory as well as assist those who struggle with being overweight. Some easy forms of exercise are simply a brisk 15 to 20-minute walk, jumping on a rebounder (especially the bungee cord type), or using a stretch band. Stretch bands are a great low-impact alternative to weightlifting. Not only can they provide customized resistance for the legs and arms, but they’re also travel-friendly. An exercise bike takes up very little space and is excellent for the hips and knees to keep them strong. These can all be used in front of a television as you watch the news or your favorite program. We recommend that you set the goal of at least a 15 to 20-minute workout every other day.

Far Infrared Saunas – A Deeper Detox

Far infrared helps accelerate the removal of toxins through sweat, but near-infrared, in the range of 830 to 850 nanometers (nm) is especially crucial for improving mitochondrial function. You want to use a full-spectrum sauna. The best model we have researched is the sunlighten model.

Clear out Those Toxin Weights Today!

Toxic overload is an often-overlooked factor in poor health and chronic on-going health issues as well as cancer. The Budwig Center can help you design a custom-tailored detoxification plan based on your individual needs with our wellness program.

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