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9 Ways The Budwig Diet and Protocol Help You Obtain Optimum Health

Here are just some of the ways the Budwig Protocol and Diet can help you improve your health:

1. Heart Disease

How many times have you heard doctors and medical specialists urge their patients to get their cholesterol levels under control?

Even health-conscious individuals may struggle with this despite following various health and diet programs. According to William Fisher, the author of the book “How to Fight Cancer and Win,” the secret is to hinder cholesterol from depositing along the arterial walls. The melting point of cholesterol itself is 300°F whereas the average body temperature is 98.6°F. As a result, instead of burning up and being utilized as a source of energy, cholesterol is deposited on the arterial walls leading to an arteriosclerotic plaque. So what is needed, and this is where the Budwig diet comes in, are high-density lipoproteins (HDL).

William Fisher continues by saying: “When the lecithin, a form of fatty acid, is added to the diet, the melting point of cholesterol comes down to 180°.” Also, when linoleate-containing dietary fat is supplied along with the lecithin, the cholesterol liquifies at a cooler temperature of 32°. So cholesterol plaques are liquefied and quickly eliminated from the body instead of accumulating on the arterial walls.

Therefore, the goal is to consume foods rich in lecithins, such as sunflower seeds, cabbage, cauliflower, garbanzo beans, split peas, and all seeds and nuts in general. Flaxseed and linseed oils are the rich natural sources of linoleate and omega 3.

In addition to consuming Dr. Budwig’s muesli (ricotta or cottage cheese/quark and flaxseed oil), add generous amounts of other healthy sources of omega-3 to your diet like krill oil and walnuts which can be beneficial for improving the heart health and preventing strokes and heart attacks. Dr. Budwig also warned about processed, refined oils because they aggravate circulatory and heart conditions.

2. Depression

Years ago the word depression was associated with someone who was feeling down or having the blues. Today, the meaning of this word is much more significant. Anyone at any age can be stricken with the woes of depression.

One way to fight it is by using serotonin, a chemical messenger that’s believed to act as a mood stabilizer. By boosting serotonin levels, we can increase feelings of happiness and decrease anxiety. How can we do this naturally?

Consume foods rich in tryptophan, which, in turn, produces serotonin. The Budwig Mix is rich in tryptophan. Research also shows a clear relationship between the exposure to bright light (sunbathing and being outdoors) and serotonin levels. So, get out of the house, explore your surroundings, enjoy the outdoors as much as your energy levels allow, this will stimulate you and lift your spirits.

3. Increase Appetite and Energy Levels

Few things in life are better than eating well and feeling vigor and strength. When we lose appetite and lack energy this can be debilitating on various levels. Dr. Budwig was well of aware of this fact so she would give her patients a teaspoon of freshly ground flaxseeds mixed with pure, raw, unpasteurized honey several times a day. Interestingly, she also gave champagne with freshly-ground flaxseeds a few times a day to those who had a low appetite and low energy. The results were amazing. Doctors ever since have praised Dr. Budwig for her ingenious ways of helping her patients by using foods, herbs and other natural methods.

Watch this video for more information:

4. Healthy Weight & Weight Management

You’ve heard it before, maintaining a healthy weight is the key to improving your general health and preventing diseases. So how exactly is this done? A diet which is rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids. This healthy cocktail of goodness can support and reinforce the body’s functions and reduce the risk of obesity-linked diseases. For more information on the Budwig Diet and Food Plan CLICK HERE>>>

5. Diabetes Type I and II

When people think of diabetes, the first thing that may come to mind is sugar. Interestingly, diabetes is not so much of a sugar problem as it is of an oil or fat problem. It is very closely related to the excessive intake of refined and highly processed cooking oils that are usually present in most packaged foods. Parasites that attack the pancreas and intercept the nutrition needed by the organ are also responsible, leading to a shrinkage of the pancreas.

The medical community is finally recognizing that diabetes does not occur just by inadequate production of insulin. It primarily happens when the insulin produced by the pancreas has somehow become ineffective due to parasites or harmful additives in food. Diabetes is also exacerbated by an inability of the body cells to metabolize harmful oils, which then leads to an inability to metabolize carbohydrates.

Some have dismissed the Budwig protocol because they view it as too simple. However, following the Budwig Food Plan and using an anti-parasite remedy can help because this combination targets the root causes of the disease.

6. Natural Cancer Treatment

Dr. Budwig discovered that many known chronic illnesses including cancer occur due to:

1. A lack of oxygen in the body
2. The consumption of refined or partially hydrogenated oils and sugars
3. Deficiency in essential fatty acids

In the book “Cancer Cause and Cure” by Dr. O.P. Verma, on page 47-48, Dr. Budwig is quoted as stating “… So, I decided straight away to go for human trials and enrolled 600 patients from four big hospitals in Munster (Germany). I started to give flax oil and cottage cheese to the cancer patients. After just three months, patients began to improve in health and strength. The yellow-green substance in their blood began to disappear, and tumors gradually receded. I treated approximately 2500 cancer patients in the last few decades.”

Because Dr. Budwig honed in on the root causes of cancer, she was able to discover that by simple lifestyle changes we can prevent and even recover from the disease.

To learn more about her methods CLICK HERE>>>

7. Respiratory Infections

Infections such as influenza, pneumonia, bronchitis, and tuberculosis caused by viruses or bacteria can cause breathlessness, wheezing, and a tight chest. So the objective is to attack the viruses and bacteria and boost the immune system.

Consuming large doses of transfer factors help to boost your immune system. Other natural and herbal products such as Boron extract in water and fossilized plant clay powder, black fermented garlic as well as natural essential oils can all significantly improve our respiratory system.

8. Alzheimer’s and Dementia

The leading causes linked to these diseases are toxins and poor diet. At our clinic, we begin to manage these diseases with a total body cleanse that removes chemicals and toxic waste accumulated in the liver, kidneys, and intestinal walls. We also recommend that our patients remove all the amalgam (silver) fillings and replace them with natural materials.

Again, making wise food choices such as consuming whole foods, healthy fats like nuts, coconuts, sunflower, and olive oils along with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables can all help protect the brain from the development of these diseases.

9. Cirrhosis of The Liver

Do you often feel tired and sluggish? One possible reason could be a fatigued liver. It’s already very busy…

The liver:

  • …performs over 500 functions a day.
  • …is very resistant to several disease-causing elements and has the ability to renew and repair itself.
  • …produces more than 13,000 chemicals and regulates over 50,000 vital enzymes.
  • …plays a role in balancing sex hormones, including testosterone and estrogen, filtering nearly 100 gallons of blood that passes through it every day.
  • …aids in maintaining healthy cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and it assists in converting glucose into energy.

So having a happy and functioning liver is essential to our overall health because it is continuously working to detoxify the body. A simple way to keep the liver active is by limiting our alcohol consumption which will help to avoid cirrhosis of the liver. The Budwig diet encourages only a very moderate intake of alcoholic beverages if any. Healthy fats, increased consumption of fruits, vegetables, and nuts, are all excellent for supporting the health of the liver.

The Budwig Center and A Healthy You

For two decades the Budwig Center has primarily focused on helping cancer patients. However, we are now making our therapies, remedies, and education available to those who may be dealing with other serious illnesses or who feel the need to reboot their health. To that end, we have put together wellness programs which are focused on reinforcing the system and helping people get back on the road to vibrant health!

To learn more about the Wellness Programs that we offer and to start taking steps to a better you CLICK HERE>>>

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