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Foot Detox, Ionic Detox Machine

Since detoxing is an important part of the clinical program, we use a foot detox system with ionic propulsion technology.

This Treatment Creates Negative Ions

The Ionizer (array) is placed in water and fed positive Direct Currant, such as that used in a flashlight or a laptop battery, to one part of the ionizer while the second part of the ionizer is fed negative Direct Current.


Foot Detox, Ion Detox Machine

30 minutes AFTER

Foot Detox, Ion Detox Machine

This results in a small amount of water being deconstructed into Hydrogen and Oxygen, molecules thereby creating a negative ionic charge in the water. This machine uses analog energy which is the same energy produced by our bodies. This factor makes the body function more efficiently and energizes the body at the cellular level. The body will freely pull in the energy that this machine can use thought its energy meridians in the terminal points in the soles of your feet.

Budwig Center has decided to use this device since it is a cousin of acupuncture and reflexology, stimulating the meridians by carrying energy along them and balancing the body’s energy field. The energy from the Ionic Body Balancer is negatively charged and stronger than that positive charge allowing the ionic energy to break the toxins’ bonds and be carried away by the lymphatic system, which dumps into the blood stream, eventually being cleansed by the liver and kidneys. Toxins are not eliminated through the feet.

This therapy is freeing your system of toxins by helping the lymphatic system flush them out. A few toxins are seen in the foot spa but these are leakage from the lymphatic system and not processed by the liver and kidneys. It is estimated that these only represent 10% of the total detox that is occurring with our system. The other 90% happens in your body up to several days after a treatment.

It is important to drink at least 1 liter of water the day you receive this therapy.

Treatment lasts: 30 minutes

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