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Former President Bill Clinton Reversed His Heart Disease by switching to a Plant Based Diet


More and more evidence is now coming to light that a plant based diet as recommend by Dr Johanna Budwig and many other doctors is the only scientifically proven diet to reverse heart disease and help prevent cancer and a host of other aliments.

After having clogged arteries and a stent put in, former President Bill Clinton moved over to a mostly plant-based diet.  Listen to him explain why in this interview [1] 

Bill Clinton is not alone in this discovery

Back in 1990 Dr. Dean Ornish was perhaps the first doctor to scientifically prove that lifestyle changes can unclog arteries and reverse coronary heart disease, without using any drugs or surgery.

His study was published in one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world. [2], [3]

His ideas are not just some unproven theories, as his study has been tested and repeated numerous times and the results are always the same, that 95-99% of the patients opened their arteries back up to reverse their heart disease after going on a plant-based diet.

Dr Budwig, Bill Clinton, Dr Ornish is also joined by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, MD. of the Cleveland Clinic who has his own published research and he has successfully reversed heart disease in his chronically ill patients using a whole foods low-fat plant-based diet. [4], [5]

Is a mostly plant-based diet only helpful with heart disease?  Not at all.  Dr. Budwig had outstanding success in treating all types and stages of cancer with her plant-based diet accompanied by flaxseed oil and cottage cheese (Quark) she called “muesli”.   Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Respiratory Infections, Liver Disease, Parkinson’s, and Depression have all responded positively to the plant-based diet along with the Budwig approach [6], [7]

Watch this video and find out the top 15 reasons why Americans die prematurely

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