Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas Encouraged by Dr. Budwig

Dr. Budwig recommended a cup of herbal tea before each meal, as it adds warmth to the digestive tract, which in turn facilitates absorbing nutrients. There are several herbal teas to choose from; however, you would do well to include green tea on a daily basis. Cancer Research UK stated on their site that ‘some laboratory studies have shown that extracts from green tea can stop cancer cells from growing.’

Mayo Clinic Study

A recent study conducted by the Mayo Clinic concluded that green tea could be helpful in the prevention and treatment of certain types of cancer. The Budwig Center, wholly endorses green tea for their clients.

Herbal Teas with Anti-Cancer Properties

The study, led by Neil E. Kay, M.D., showed that green tea’s EGCG interrupted survival signals, prompting leukemia cells to die in eight of 10 patient samples tested in the laboratory. The study suggests that EGCG (green tea) works by inhibiting a pathway in the leukemia cells related to angiogenesis, the complex process that maintains nourishing blood flow to a biological structure, in this case, a cancer cell.

Green Tea Clinical Studies

Green Tea Clinical Studies

Why did the Mayo Clinic researchers focus on green tea?  There were at least three reasons for this. Here is what the researchers stated: “Since the 1970s, epidemiological studies of cancer have shown that in parts of the world where green tea is consumed, the incidence of solid tumor cancers such as breast, lung, and gastrointestinal cancers is lower. Secondly, mouse-model testing of green tea’s cancer-prevention properties has shown they protect against solid tumors. And three, in the laboratory, the EGCG component of green tea has been proven to induce death in cancer cells from solid tumours.

Green Tea Helps You to Focus

Green tea in tablet or capsule form is another option, as 1 capsule or tablet equals 2 cups of green tea.  Taking green tea this way is also excellent for keeping you more alert when you need to concentrate and focus, and can be a lifesaver when driving long distances to help fight fatigue while driving. 

Organic Matcha tea is even richer in antioxidants and up to 3 times MORE EGCG than green tea. Both green tea and matcha have anti-inflammatory properties, but there is a word of caution with matcha tea as it does contain caffeine. Having 1 cup daily, early in the day, for someone without insomnia, should be very beneficial.

Essiac Tea

You may have heard of the Canadian nurse Rene Caisse, who treated her cancer patients with an inexpensive, natural Essiac tea for fifty years.  She actually treated her patients in many cases without charge.  The medical community was not happy with her approach, and she was taken to court on several occasions.  The fact she wasn’t charging for her tea is probably the only thing that kept her out of jail.

One of the main causes of cancer is toxins, and the Essiac tea detoxifies the body and, at the same time boosts the immune system. For best results, buy the ingredients individually and prepare it yourself.  Essiac tea is easily available on the Internet. 

Ingredients in Essiac Tea Recipe:

  • 1 ½ pounds cut burdock root (Arctium lappa is a natural blood detoxifier)
  • 1-pound powdered sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella is a powerful antioxidant)
  • ¼ pound powdered slippery elm (Ulmus fulva is a powerful antioxidant)
  • 1 ounce powdered Turkish (Indian) rhubarb root (Rheum pamatum is a phytochemical that is naturally astringent, anti-microbial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory)
Essiac Tea Helps Reverse Cancer

How to Make Essiac Tea

  1. Mix all four herbs thoroughly, and store them in a tightly sealed glass container away from light. For a quart of tea, you need 1 ounce of herbal blend. For a gallon of tea, you need 4 ounces of herbal blend.
  2. Bring the desired amount of water to a rolling boil in a steel or cast-iron pot for 15 minutes.
  3. Cover with a lid, steep for at least 12 hours
  4. The following day, reheat the water but do not boil.
  5. Allow to settle, then strain out herbs (there will be sediment in the bottom)
  6. Pour into tightly sealed glass or ceramic containers and cool.
  7. Refrigerate and use as recommended (sweetened with honey to taste)


Essiac Tea to Fight Disease

For general health, drink ½ ounce of tea in two ounces of water once daily. Rene Caisse suggested it be taken at bedtime on an empty stomach. To fight disease, gradually increase the consumption of Essiac tea to 1 ounce of tea in 2 ounces of water once daily. The tea can be consumed cold or hot, and more water can be added for a milder flavor. Nurse Caisse stated that one should not reason that taking more will give better results.  Please stick to the quantities she recommends.  

The only cancer it was not indicated for was breast cancer. For breast cancer, it is rather recommended to use Fagonia tea! You can find this tea, especially on sites that provide Ayurvedic herbal products. 


There are many herbal gems in nature, so please drink these teas without added sugars. To sweeten them, simply dip a stevia leaf in the hot drink until it is sweet enough for you. Alternatively, try a drop of monk fruit or a pinch of Stevia.

It’s heartwarming to read these studies done by the Mayo Clinic and other researchers on green tea; however, the impact that green tea has on cancer prevention has been inconclusive as of yet. Many researchers interested in green tea and cancer prevention have limited their experimentation to animal cells.  Essiac tea is a very good herbal tea to add to your natural program for the integrative treatment of cancer, but again one should never rely on just a few remedies, like green tea and Essiac tea, when treating cancer.  

Cancer is a disease that is related to the immune system and even our metabolic function, meaning there is more than “one” contributing factor. Only with a multi-pronged approach, which includes the comprehensive Budwig protocol, can a person with cancer hope to address the root cause.

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