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Homeopathy – Natural Medicine

Homeopathy consists of providing very small dosages of a natural substance in a very diluted formula. If high dosages of said substance were administered, the body would react with a similar symptom to that caused by the illness. The Greek Origen of the word homeopathy comes from homeo + pathos meaning similar + illness. The substances are administered in small dosages to boost the immune system and for the body to react by healing itself.

One main reason homeopathy is appreciated by many is because of the natural origin of its remedies, therefore it does not create dependency nor negative side-effects. Homeopathic remedies do have benefits when taken over a period of time. One remedy can even treat more than one illness as long as the root causes are similar. Homeopathy is a branch of Naturopathy that aims to treat the ill, not just the illness. It ties in closely with diet changes and the need for the homeopathic doctor to be familiar with the patient’s symptoms.

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