Honey: A Superfood For Health

Raw honey has over sixty-nine health benefits and for centuries has been recognized for more than just its exquisite taste. It featured in Ancient Egyptian health remedies, the Old Testament, and is rich in tradition. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before this delicious food was named as a “superfood,” and rightly so. Honey can be used to treat burns, heal wounds, fight sore throats, and challenge cancer. It’s even reported that a diet rich in bee products can extend life, so it’s crucial that we make effective use of it.

Recommended By Dr. Budwig

Research shows that honey contains anti-cancer compounds, flavonoids, and phenolic acids, and can positively impact the development of cancers or tumors. No wonder, Dr. Budwig added some honey to the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese (quark/queso fresco). She was ahead of her time, and that is why she had such outstanding success.

Some honey, including Tualang, even actively target cancer cells and implement cell death without harming non-cancerous cells. There is also evidence that honey extracts have anti-proliferative effects in colon cancer cells; the higher the phenolic content, the more effective. It has also been shown to prevent the growth of bladder cancer cell lines in vivo and in vitro. Research continues, but so far, the results are promising.

Manuka Honey and Cancer

For centuries the leaves of the Manuka tree in New Zealand have been associated with healing properties. Although all honey contains antimicrobial properties, Manuka gives stronger antibacterial strength because it also contains non-hydrogen peroxide. It also contains anti-tumor properties and can be used to treat oral cancer while protecting individuals from radiation therapy and chemotherapy-induced side effects. Also, it’s reported to heal tissue and fight infection as it increases the production of white blood cells.

Honey Heals Wounds

Amazingly, honey can help to treat burns up to five days more quickly than other dressings. There is also some evidence that it is more effective than antiseptic for healing infected wounds. Furthermore, it is regarded as an effective remedy for diabetic wounds that are slower to heal because it can fight microorganisms, control inflammation, and contains antioxidants.

Other Health Benefits

With so many health benefits, it’s vital that we do everything we can to ensure that bees do not become extinct. Honey is often used to ease sore throats as it can help to fight upper airway infection with its anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help the immune system by boosting antibodies, such as white blood cells, and the antioxidants can reduce the damage caused by colitis. That’s not to mention its ability to manage tooth decay. A small amount diluted in water can kill off tooth bacteria with the antibacterial properties. At the same time, it can help gastrointestinal problems and digestion due to the acids, fructose, potassium, and pollen it contains.

There’s no doubt that honey is a superfood. It’s essential to opt for raw or Manuka honey for the full benefits rather than the processed kind. Further research is being conducted into the link of honey fighting against cancer, but results so far support its importance in challenging cancer and in aiding recovery against cancer. Honey truly puts the super in food.

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