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A Letter From Colombia to The Budwig Center

One of our patients sent us a letter from Colombia that we want to share with all of you. We can tell you that her visit to our clinic was a pleasure, she is such a kind, friendly and very positive person.

This is the letter that we received:

Dear Kathy,

I send many greetings from Colombia to you and all your team. I remember them all with great affection: Manuel for his unconditional support, Julia for “carrying me” smoothly through the stream, Angie for giving me strength, Isabel for the loving way she treated me, Eudoxia for the masterful formulas, David for his wisdom, Antonia for giving me a most powerful tool … believing in Myself! Robin for hitting the target with the treatment, Frankie for feeding my soul, and to you for being supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

I followed the whole program as I was told, and I’m sleeping better and I can say that I feel calmer … I trust that the treatment is going to get me through this!

I take this opportunity to thank you for everything you did for me during my stay in the center. You always had a YES for me, you always found a solution for what I needed, and now and always I will remember you for being so loving to me and with everyone else, you really are so very special!

To your father, Lloyd, please let him know that his book has given me tools to keep going, he has brought tears of laughter to my eyes, thank you. I give thanks to him for taking the time to write it and for setting up the Budwig Center with such an exceptional family! I am anxious to get to the second part of his book!

Thank you for all the love, I wish you all the best and much inner peace,


Ana Maria

PS: Could you send me Frankie’s delicious recipes … his moussaka and granola are finger licking!
We hope that we can help in the same way that we did with it to all those people who suffer from a disease as serious as cancer.

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