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Nasal Pharynx Tumor Testimonial


Nasal/Pharynx tumor – Tony Covarrubias – 42 year old Male

Tony came to our Clinic May 8th, 2011 and received the full Budwig Protocol along with 10 sessions of Hyperthermia, Papimi, EFT (emotional healing), Blood Purifier OW, herbs, homeopathic remedies, FIR Infrared sauna sessions, etc

FROM: Tony Covarrubias []
Sent Thursday, June 23, 2011, 6:54 PM
To: Dr. Lloyd Jenkins
Subject: My Report to date

Dear Lloyd, Received my results today from the radiologist and he confirmed that those were in fact tumors (not inflammation) in my lower neck node. The large one was 0.7 and now is down to 0.15! The other smaller ones have disappeared altogether. The doctor that reported these results to us was quite astounded by this fact. As for the nasal/pharynx tumor, it proved to remain the same size from between the MRI I had done April 15th, 2011 and the MRI I had performed June 1st, 2011. (By the way, the above MRI time frame is where the shrinkage in my neck node took place as well). The fact that the previous PET CT I had April 9th, 2010 showed no tumors and the Pet CT I had January 2011 showed MODERATE to AGGRESSIVE growth is truly significant in relation to the current state of arrested growth of my nasal/pharynx tumor. Honestly at that rate, back in January, I truly expected to be on my death bed by now. I do however have significant metastasis in both lungs. Unfortunately, I have no scans to judge whether or not it’s grown, slowed, or has been arrested. However, I am showing ZERO symptoms which points to, (along with other POSITIVE signs such as having no more overloaded mucus issues that I’ve been dealing with for two and a half years now) that it too is most likely arrested or significantly slowed. Time will tell as I may have one more CT scan performed in September.

The Natural way to cure tumors is the only right way to deal with it in my opinion. The more I read about Johanna Budwig and her work, the more it seems one would not only have a better quality of life through this protocol but indeed have a better chance for survival and even complete tumor dissolution! I urge everyone to get acquainted with it and make the necessary changes in primary diet (what we put into our bodies), followed by all the other natural therapies you make available at your BUDWIG CENTER. Thanks to you and your staff’s keen knowledge and up to date application of these holistic therapies. I am urging everyone I know to talk to me before they perform any medical anything having to do with tumors!

Will keep you abreast with my developments to be sure

Sincerely, Tony Covarrubias

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