Prostate Tumor Patient Testimonial

60-year-old male – Greece

Prostate tumor 4+5 (PSA 420, 99). No bones metastasis, but there is a lymph node block which we do not know what it is. The exams were taken at the end of April when we found out that my father suffers from tumors.

After completing the full Budwig Center protocol here were the results

Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2011 10:58 PM

To: Dr. Lloyd Jenkins

Dr. Jenkins, I’m writing to you in order to inform you about my father’s decision, as I promised. Two days ago we had the results of my father’s blood test. The results were perfect and doctors were astonished. His health general condition was excellent and PSA decreased from 420 (15 April) to 0.34 (1 Sept). Doctors could not explain it (they expected a 60-70 units decreasion), but my family and I believe that this was due to Budwig mix and the natural way of living (exercise and the diet you suggest). Although he did have some hormonal therapy, he has not been taken radiation yet and the doctors told him that maybe he can go to the surgery.

So, due to this news he decided for a couple of months to do exactly what he’s been doing until now, watch it how it goes and after a couple of months – and after he do the test that shows where there are tumors and how much they have been shrunk (I don’ t know how it is called in English) – to decide whether he has the operation or/and take your treatment, without excluding the possibility to come to Spain.

I feel l owe you a big thanks for your advice and I want you to know that I speak about you everywhere I hear people with this kind of problems. The problem is that in Greece there are no doctors who can inform or advice people about alternative medicine, so patients are cautious.

Thank you once again, goodbye for now.

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  1. Rowena

    My Father has Prostate cancer, i heard that calcium is not good for Prostate cancer patient? could you please explain if this is true. Thank you very much.


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