Natural Treatments At The Budwig Center

Natural Treatments

The Budwig Center, located in the south of Spain, has, for the past 20 years, been helping people treat cancer and other illnesses with natural treatments, methods, and remedies based on the research of Dr. Johanna Budwig.

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Who was Dr. Johanna Budwig?

For the past 60 years, Dr. Budwig ́s protocol has been very successful in helping people to improve their health. She was a German biochemist, a pharmacist, and an author. She also held doctorate degrees in physics and chemistry. Her tenacity, passion, and diligence aided her in making a massive contribution to medical research, leaving behind an indisputable legacy that helps save lives. Moreover, her discoveries led her to identify some of the leading causes of cancer. She developed a diet and protocol that has proven to be a very effective natural treatment for cancer and 50 other common illnesses.

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What is behind the success of the Budwig Diet?

The underlying message behind the Budwig diet is to replace foods that contribute to degenerative illnesses with healthy foods that provide oxygen to the cells and improve cellular bio-oxygenation, thus empowering the body itself to ward off the toxins, pathogens, and microbes that lead to cancer. You will still be able to eat many of your favorite foods by only using healthy ingredients. 

Why choose the Budwig Protocol for your cancer treatment?

The objective of the Budwig Protocol is to treat the root cause of diseases, not just the symptoms. Dr. Budwig discovered that microbes and fungus, toxins, nutritional imbalance, and a compromised immune system all are significant factors that contribute to cancer. She developed a protocol that works at reversing the adverse effects of these factors. Additionally, she promoted certain lifestyle changes, specific remedies, and therapies as well as healthy food choices.

Natural Treatments for Cancer Patients

Firstly, our primary goal at the Budwig center is not just to help each patient recover from cancer using natural treatments and methods but also to provide education. Dr. Budwig herself was known for spending quality time with each patient, educating them on how they can control their health themselves. She thus empowered each patient physically, mentally, and emotionally and this is a principle that we continue to follow at the Budwig Center. Furthermore, all the remedies and therapies we provide are in harmony with the Budwig Protocol. 

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Natural Treatments and More

  • To recover from a severe illness, we appreciate that one size does not fit all, so we use personalized tests to establish which remedy and dosage will be most effective.
  • Detox and drainage are essential so that the body can work at an optimum level. Because toxins are a crucial factor that hinders proper cellular bio oxygenation, we provide an array of effective detox treatments that improve the function of organs responsible for eliminating toxins and debris. Thus enabling the body to absorb nutrients more effectively, and creating the proper environment for healing.
  • Because stress and trauma play a significant part in physical ailments and disease, we include various emotional therapies in our programs. 
  • In our experience, what can make a huge difference in a person’s cancer healing journey is knowing that they are not alone. Our weekly group discussions allow our patients to connect with others while at the same time gaining an in-depth understanding of the Budwig Protocol and how to make it a part of their life.
  • We have a dedicated kitchen area where we provide daily meals and teach patients how to make recipes on the Budwig diet. 

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We Use Natural Treatments For Other Illnesses (not just cancer)

The core principles of the Budwig Protocol has a host of benefits for all who want to live a healthy life, not just cancer patients. Because of this fact, we also provide Wellness Programs and Health Day Packages for anyone who may need a full-body detox, to reinforce their immune system or perhaps want to do as much as they can to prevent serious illness occurring in the future.

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