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Essential Oils – How To Know If Your Essential Oils Are Top Quality?

Essential oils have been used for generations. Since we are removing this element from nature, it is understandable that many aspects must be taken into consideration regarding this procedure.

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What is an essential oil?

We are talking about the aromatic molecule produced and stored in its reproductive organs obtained from a process called distillation. The aromatic plant is distilled using a still to obtain liquid-vapor. Essential oil is made up of 100% aromatic molecules. It can also be obtained from a hydraulic press, such as in the case of the peel of citric fruit.

What to check for when buying essential oil?

Now that we understand the process a little better, it is easier to check for aspects related to this process of obtaining essential oil that will indicate higher or lower quality.

1. The Botanical Species

The botanical species must be defined because in each gender there may be different species. The international criteria to describe essential oils should always appear in Latin. An example is artemisinin, which in Latin is called: Artemisia annua.

Or when we talk about frankincense essential oil and we need to refer to its Latin name because there are 2 types of frankincense oils, namely: Boswellia Serrata or Boswellia Frereana.

2. The Correct Reproductive Organ

The next step is verifying that the correct reproductive organ was chosen. We would obtain different compositions when distilling different parts of a plant. In each case, the organ would be one of the following: leaf, flower, bark, seed, root, berry, etc.

For example, orange essential oil is obtained from the peel while Jasmine essential oil is obtained from the flower.

3. Geographic Location

Depending on its geographic location, aromatic plants produce a different essence, even within the same species. The location, therefore, will affect its biochemistry. Another aspect to take into consideration when we talk about the location:

  • whether it was grown in the wild (the most natural and strongest plant)
  • whether it is organic or not

Essential oils obtained from plants that are not wild or organic will certainly be of lower quality.

Organic is pesticide-free but the soil used to grow these crops can be depleted of nutrients as this soil has been used for growing crops for hundreds of years. We cannot be sure of the quality of the water used to water these crops (possibly containing chlorine and/or fluoride) because these plants are cared for and watered, their roots need to grow so deep.

Wild plants, on the other hand, have not been watered and have lived despite weeds so these have the deepest and strongest roots to be able to tap into the most amount of nutrients to survive. These certainly are the most desirable to use.

If the oil is not extracted from a pure source (organic or wild plant) it cannot be considered to have a health benefit other than a pleasant odor.

4. The Time of Collection

The aromatic plant must be picked during a certain season and even at a designated time of the day to obtain a maximum amount of its essence. The biochemistry will vary between 5 and 10% depending on the plant’s biological cycle. In many cases, the most essential oil can be obtained from the plant when flowering or when producing fruit.

5. Distillation And Rest Time

There can be no shortcuts with distillation time to obtain all the aromatic molecules and for the oil to be considered a 100% complete essential oil. To be of true therapeutic grade, it is essential that the correct processes for each aromatic plant have been taken into consideration such as the temperature, pressure, distillation time, and resting time to guarantee that the essential oil can be considered of a true therapeutic grade.

Budwig Center offers essential oils from a manufacturer that adheres to these high standards. Therefore you can be confident that our essential oil matches the quality indicated on the label. Budwig Center is determined to offer the best quality available in essential oils for our clients.

Even though few clinical studies have been done on the health benefits of essential oils, more and more people are discovering these from using essential oils. One example is frankincense and myrrh essential oils in conjunction with Lemongrass oil for deeper penetration has been helpful when applied on a regular basis.

Head to our programs page to learn more about how we provide natural integrative support. Also, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. For more information on how our environment may contribute to disease, download our FREE Guide.

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Note: This post was originally published in November 2016 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and clarity.

18 thoughts on “Essential Oils – How To Know If Your Essential Oils Are Top Quality?”

  1. Hello Kathy,

    Thanks for the article! What do you think about ingesting large quantities of Frankincense to combat cancer?

    1. Dear Brad,

      Thank you for sending us your question. Frankincense oil is one of the best, if not the best oil to use on a cancer patient. Certain studies have suggested that when a person has been taking the same essential oil for more than 7 days, it is possible that the body get used to the frequencies of that oil and that these would not have such a powerful effect on that person’s body anymore. That is why we have 4 formulas with mainly frankincense oil but each with a slight variation of combination so that each week the body receives a different mixture and therefore different frequencies.

      Also, with essential oils, as well as anything taking orally, we have to make sure that the digestive tract of the person receiving it can tolerate it.

      Kind regards,
      Kathy L.J.

  2. , husband did the fo/cc i along with raw veggies and fruit and all about arthritis pain was gone in 5 days. His squamous cell started dying and surgeons asked what treatmentto he was tdoing to be attacking the cancer in just 2 weeks and in 2 more weeks his melanoma was dead too. We know too that a chronic ear Kinfection was going away and bowels worked better and lost about 1-1.5 lbs of fat each day. Energy was back too. In the beginning I did do a body and liver detox for a week too. I KNOW it works, I’ve seen it work. He did add fruits like berries and Saigon cinnamon to it or apple cider vinegar for a salad dressing. He liked it better that way.

  3. Kathy ,What is for/ cc? I have metastatic breast cancer- 3 tumour sites are lymph node, liver and spine( T-7 )

  4. Nigar,
    The fo/cc is probably flaxseed oil and cottage cheese.

    I pray that your cancers are going away if you’re using the Budwig method.

    God bless you.


    1. That is right, FOCC stands for flaxseed oil and cottage cheese.
      The Budwig protocol means doing a lot more than taking this recipe.
      At Budwig Center we teach patients to take care of their health.
      Thank you for your prayers.

      Kind regards,
      Kathy L. Jenkins

  5. What would the protocol be for doing essential oils for treating or assisting to correct the diagnosis of Polycythemia Vera. I have read that Frankinscense is great. How does one apply or use it ? Thank you so much for helping me with this bone marrow disease.

    1. Dear Joan,

      We do provide specific dosages and protocols for our patients. This is because we are able to test them using the Vega test and GSR scan. We don’t give our patients remedies based on their diagnosis. We have to personalize the treatment. We wouldn’t suggest that one would rely only on a natural remedy when they have a condition like the one you mention. If you are interested in finding out more about what we can do, please email us: [email protected]

  6. I have a family member with cancer. Would you mind sharing your 4 formulas used with frankincense that you spoke about above?

  7. How do I get started acquiring oils for stage 4 lung cancer. More tests to come to see if mastisized. what oils do you recommend since I just found out one week ago?

    1. Dear Donna, the use of essential oils are not necessarily related to one’s type of cancer. Each essential oil has its properties and it is beneficial to vary the oils. Inhalations of pine needle oil are recommended. Taking orally oils like: frankincense, myrrh, copaiba and mixtures that include ginger, lemon etc. We have a pack of 4 formulas that we could send you information about if interested. Please contact us directly at: [email protected]

  8. My husband has had a non cancerous tumor for over 12 years. It doesn’t grow it just sits on the side of his upper waist. It is about the size of a large soft ball. Would frankincense help get rid of it once and for all? If not what would be useful for this tumor my husband doesn’t want to live with anymore.

    1. Dear Vicki, Thank you for contacting us with your question. Changing his diet would be important, using essential oil topically and orally can also help as a frequency treatment. To know what is the most important though, we need to be able to evaluate his body and see what are the most important contributing factors (virus, bacteria, parasite, unbalance in organs etc). If you are interested in what we can offer him here at the clinic, please get in touch with us by email: [email protected]

  9. I have had a menstrual cycle for the last 6-8 months and want it to stop without having an ablation or even worse a hysterectomy.
    I really would like your help and suggestions in this matter. It has also affected my personal life. I’ve been drinking more water.

    1. To help you personally we need you to contact us by email to send us some medical history or complete a health questionnaire. Then we can plan a medical consultation so that we can evaluate what is happening in your body. This sounds urgent. Please contact us by email: [email protected]

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